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Degree audit

View your degree audit

  1. Log in to CougarTrack using your Columbia College username and password.
  2. Go to the Academics menu on the left menu under Students.
  3. Select Advising then Degree Audit.
  4. Select your degree from the Active Programs section, or select a different degree from the "What if I changed my program of study?" drop-down menu. Note: Options in this drop-down are proposed degree audits only. You cannot change your degree intent from this page.
  5. Select Submit to view your degree audit.

How to read a degree audit

The Interactive Degree Audit is a tutorial that explains each section of the degree audit in detail. This tutorial uses sample images to explain each section of each type of degree audit (associate, bachelor's and master's). See above for instructions on how to print a copy of your own degree audit.

The sample images used in the Interactive Degree Audit do not reflect your actual degree requirements. They are examples only.

Interactive degree audit

How to change your major

To change your major, add or remove a degree or to modify your major(s)/minor(s), use the Change of Degree Program form on CougarTrack. Be sure to read the instructions on the form carefully before you submit your changes. See below for links to contact your academic advisor or campus representative.

Go to CougarTrack > Students> Forms> Change of Degree Program

More information

  • Contact a representative from campus or your location (location contact links below).
  • See the Registrar FAQ page.
  • Read the in-depth explanation of double dipping.


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