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Quick facts

This page contains commonly used statistics and information about Columbia College. If you require statistics that are not listed on this page, please contact the Office of Institutional Research.

Alumni-living Worldwide: more than 91,000
Alumni-Worldwide: more than 99,000
Annual Day Student Enrollment: 1,171
Annual Evening Campus Enrollment: 1,257
Annual Graduate Student Enrollment: 875
Annual Nationwide Enrollments: 10,138
Annual Online Campus Enrollments: 4,702
Day-Average ACT: 22
Day-Average Age: 22
Day-Average GPA high school: 3.56
Default Rate for 2016 - Columbia College: 11.8%
Default Rate for 2016 - National Average: 10.1%
Degrees Awarded-Bacc Day Campus: 280
Degrees Awarded-Masters Main Campus: 80
Enrollments-Fall-All Full Time Students: 3,702
Enrollments-Fall-All Part Time Students: 6,223
Enrollments-Fall-Day Campus: 963
Enrollments-Fall-Day Campus First Time: 143
Enrollments-Fall-Day Freshmen: 143
Enrollments-Fall-Main Campus Graduate: 155
Enrollments-Fall-Masters Nationwide: 174
Enrollments-Fall-Masters Online: 243
Enrollments-Fall-UG Evening Campus: 737
Enrollments-Fall-UG Nationwide: 4,997
Enrollments-Fall-UG Online: 2,654
Faculty-Full Time: 72
Faculty-Full time highest degree: 55
FTE Student-CC: 5767
FTE Student-Day: 842.33
FTE-Prior Academic Year-All CC Students: 7072
Graduation Rate Day only-150 of time:


Graduation Rate for Bachelors Cohorts Day Students Only-150 of time:


Graduation Rate for Bachelors Cohorts-150 of time: 25%
Graduation Rate-150 of time: 28%
Online-count DE: 9,481
Online-One online class-CC: 14,419
Pass Rate-Education Missouri Content Assessment: MoCA Pass Rate Summary 2019
Pass Rate-Nursing-Columbia Campus: 88.89%
Pass Rate-Nursing-Lake Campus: 90%
Pass Rate-Nursing-Missouri state rate: 91.43%
Pass Rate-Nursing-National rate: 89.52%
Placement Rate-Florida: 84%, 326 of 388 responses
Placement Rate-Georgia: 64.5%, 167 out of 259 responses
Retention Rate-All Bachelors Cohort: 63.93%
Retention Rate-Day Bachelors Cohort: 71.74%
SFR-CC: 23:1
SFR-Day: 10:1
Student Diversity-Consumer Information:

Columbia College has more than 2,000 students attending the Day and Evening programs, both located in Columbia, MO.  Through its networking of more than 35 Nationwide locations, as well as the main campus in Columbia, MO, and a robust Online Education, the college serves more than 17,000 students annually.  Student body diversity information can be found at Columbia College's Office of Institutional Research page.

Student Loan debt-average-entire college: $19,795.03


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