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Student employment resources

Resigning from a position

Provide written notice of your resignation at least two weeks in advance. While you should provide a letter of resignation, submit it in person instead of e-mailing it to keep up your professional relationship.

The way you resign from a position does matter!

If you resign from a position professionally, your previous employer may be more willing to be a future reference. Consider offering to help train your replacement in order to keep a good relationship with your organization.

There may be some jobs that you do not leave on good terms. Although it is much easier to just quit without notice, it is not a professional practice and will make future positions that much more difficult to find without a good reference from your previous employer. If you are experiencing challenges with conflict resolution in the workplace, you should make an appointment with your supervisor and/or Human Resources to discuss options for resolution before submitting a letter of resignation.

Searching for a new job?

It is acceptable to search for new employment options while still employed. There are many reasons you would search for new employment. If you are still working and have found a new position, it is advised you resign professionally.


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