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The Fishman Center believes that mentors are key to the success of potential student entrepreneurs. With this in mind, we have a robust mentoring network of professionals for Columbia College students.

Mentors are people in our lives more experienced than ourselves. They are individuals who teach something new, challenge creativity, form a lasting friendship, or simply express an interest in the personal and professional development of an emerging individual. A mentor may open the mentored person’s eyes to the world, help them find a different path, aid them to realize potential, or even kick a little butt when it needs to be kicked.

Mentors support student entrepreneurs through the following:

  • Share information through their knowledge, experience and wisdom.
  • Provide valuable contacts and introductions.
  • Build confidence and stimulate curiosity.
  • Share stories of achievements and trials.
  • Help set goals.
  • Assist in identifying key resources.
  • Ask tough, yet thoughtful questions.


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