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Day Campus: Scholarships for New Transfer Students Enrolled in August 2015 and Later

This is a general reference guide only. For detailed information regarding terms and conditions of scholarships and renewal criteria, please review the "Scholarships, Awards, and Grants" section of your academic catalog. Find your catalog on the Registrar Web site. Institutional scholarships listed apply to tuition only; combinations of scholarships and external assistance cannot exceed tuition or apply to other charges unless otherwise specified. Scholarships below are only available to full-time undergraduate Day Campus students unless otherwise specified. This scholarship criteria is reviewed annually for changes; contact your admissions counselor to determine if there are any proposed changes for the upcoming year

One tuition rate locked in for up to five years

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The following scholarships are available to students who have just transferred to Columbia College and attend traditional day classes in Columbia, Mo.

Merit Scholarships

Scholarship Requirements Amount(s)
Transfer Excellence Scholarship Awarded to students with a 3.75 transfer GPA and 24 or more transferable credit hours. $10,000
Transfer Achievement Scholarship Awarded to students with a 3.0 transfer GPA and 24 or more transferable credit hours. $8,000
Transfer Recognition Scholarship Awarded to students with a 2.5 transfer GPA and 24 or more transferable credit hours. $2,500

Automatic Scholarships

Scholarship Requirements Amount(s)
Alumni Legacy Grant Awarded to new students who are children of alumni who received an associate, bachelor's or master's degree at Columbia College. $1,000
Disciples of Christ Pastoral Award Awarded to Disciples of Christ members who are nominated by their minister and who are first-time Columbia College students. $1,000
Missouri Community Action Network (CAN) Grant
  • Student must be a Missouri CAN individual member (employed at a local Community Action Agency).
  • Student must submit the Missouri CAN Grant Application form and a copy of their Missouri CAN membership card annually in order to receive the grant. ¬†Proof of eligibility can also be determined by having a Missouri CAN representative send an email (with the subject line Missouri CAN Grant Eligibility) to confirming active membership.
10% tuition discount   Yes, must reapply each year
Midwest student exchange Awarded to students whose permanent address is from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Wisconsin. 10% discount
ROTC Only ROTC Scholarship recipients are eligible. Contact the Admissions Office for more information Room
Silver Citizen Discount Awarded to students 65 years of age or older. Students are required to pay all other charges in connection with enrollment, coursework and graduation. Not available for online classes or graduate classes. New application must be completed each academic year. 50% tuition reduction
Two-in-Family Grant Awarded to full-time students with an immediate family member (parent, child, sibling, spouse) enrolled full-time at Columbia College. $500
Veteran's Grant Available to former U.S. military personnel $200 per 6 month active service with maximum of $800.

Competitive Awards

Scholarship Requirements Amount(s)
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Scholarship Awarded to one Phi Theta Kappa member. Transfers from community/junior college with a minimum 3.6 cumulative college GPA and an associate in arts degree, associate in science degree or at least 60 transferable hours are eligible to compete. Full tuition
Talent Award Awards in art, music, and athletics. Program directors determine allocation of funds and additional information is required. Contact the Admissions Office for more information Amount varies



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