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Scholarship Finder

Scholarships, awards and grants are forms of "gift" assistance that do not require repayment. These awards are generally based on achievement rather than financial need. Scholarships available vary by campus and also vary in amount. This scholarship criteria is reviewed annually for changes; contact the Enrollment Service Center to determine if there are any proposed changes for the upcoming year

This is a general reference guide only. For detailed information regarding terms and conditions of scholarships and renewal criteria, please review the "Scholarships, Awards, and Grants" section of your academic catalog. Find your catalog on the Registrar Web site. Institutional scholarships listed apply to tuition only; combinations of scholarships and external assistance cannot exceed tuition or apply to other charges unless otherwise specified. Scholarships below are only available to undergraduate students unless specified.

Find all the scholarships that are available to you by choosing the appropriate category below.

Day Campus scholarships

For students who attend traditional day classes in Columbia, Mo.

Evening Campus scholarships

For students who attend evening classes at the main campus in Columbia, Mo.

Nationwide Location scholarships

For students who attend a Columbia College campus that is not located in Columbia, Mo.

Online Campus scholarships

Outside Scholarships


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