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If courses are not completed

If courses are dropped or withdrawn from, then Financial Aid may be affected resulting in a return of funds to the government, which then creates a charge on your student account with Columbia College. This process is required by the government and is called Return of Title IV. This is determined by enrollment status (which sessions enrolled) and dates of marked attendance within the Semester (Early and Late Sessions combined).  

A Withdraw also occurs if a student completes a Course Withdrawal Form or stops attending all concurrent courses, at the same time, for 14 consecutive days. For more information, please review the Return of Title IV funds process.

The consecutive lack of attendance will also cause an Administrative Withdraw. This is the academic impact when the course is no longer active and will show as a Withdraw on your transcript. For more information, please contact your Academic Advisor or review the withdrawal policy.

Long term effects: For student’s using Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), a withdrawn course counts against the student’s overall course completion rate. This value is measured and can lead to Financial Aid suspension.

Pell Grant Impacts of withdrawing from courses in the early session:

If following 8-week sessions – If a student is enrolled in both early and late sessions and has any Withdrawn courses in the early session, then this will create a Pell Recalculation. Late Session Pell Grant will be reviewed for eligibility and could possibly have a charge back of Pell Grant on your student account or lead to a reduced disbursement in the late session).

For clarification of any of the above information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at or by calling the Enrollment Service Center at 573-875-7252.


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