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Philosophy of Philanthropy

philanthropyPhilanthropy allows us to responsibly protect that which we hold in trust.

Columbia College believes that within every person there is a yearning to be part of something larger than themselves, a philanthropic impulse. This impulse, the spirit of philanthropy, is motivated by a desire to express approval, to express love for one's fellow man, to express a firm belief in the future, to help guarantee opportunities for others, to build a foundation by endowment, to invest in the mission, to repay a debt. Simply, the philanthropic impulse is an innate human characteristic, the demonstration of which is expressing one's concern for one's fellow human beings.

"All that we are and all that we have we hold in trust for others as others have held in trust for us."
-Arthur C. Frantzreb

Successful philanthropy is the by-product of good management. Columbia College is noted for excellent fiscal management. The College's sound, conservative approach to managing its resources extends to private gifts provided by alumni, parents, friends, foundations, and corporations. Columbia College recognizes every donor to the College as a partner and an investor in the shared pursuit of quality mission achievements.

We seek to appropriately honor those who provide private gifts in support of the institution, thus contributing to a philanthropic partnership which ultimately benefits the entire College community of today and tomorrow. An essential key to that partnership is the proven stewardship provided by the College to our philanthropic partners. This stewardship encompasses appropriate contributor appreciation, detailed oversight for the gift resources provided by contributors and communication from the College to our contributors regarding the impact and use of these resources.

Moreover, the College believes that teaching and assisting others to share resources, be they small or large is a demonstration of true caring, of a special partnership, and stands as an extension of the hallmarks of Columbia College, civility and respect for all.

Written by Anita Abbott Timmons '58


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