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The President's Society  Columbia College's Lifelong Connection
The 1851 Society  Columbia College's Innovation Connection
The St. Clair Society  Columbia College's Visionary Connection
Silver and Navy Club  Columbia College's Current Connection
Stars and Stripes Club  Columbia College's Military Service Connection


  • "Through the help of the college and donors (like the Assistance League), I’m able to do the things that I love and the things that I want to do and have more experiences and fully live the college experience the way it should be." -Jennifer Lampkins, Assisting Women’s Achievement Scholarship

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  • "I wouldn’t be in school any longer if the scholarships weren’t in place. And it’s a very powerful change, a very meaningful change. Thank you for your impact in our lives." -Jordan Nigus, CenturyLink Foundation Scholarship

    "Financially it [the scholarship] will help me get to graduate. So I can be a good teacher, a good teacher, like all my professors are here. I want to be able to help someone – like the donors have helped me." -Amanda Lutz, Assisting Women’s Achievement Scholarship

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The President's Society of Columbia College
Columbia College's Lifelong Connection

President's Society logoThrough vision, leadership and concern for the future of Columbia College, members of the President’s Society have joined this institution’s hallowed and lifelong tradition of providing quality liberal arts and science education to a diverse student body.

Benefactors who have provided cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more in cash, securities, real property, scholarship funds, awards or programs are granted lifelong membership in the President’s Society. The following levels of giving sustain the legacy of the college, its students, the community and society.

Rogers Gate Circle $1,000,000 and above
The most recognized symbol of the college, the Rogers Memorial Gateway was dedicated in 1913 in honor of Joseph Kirtley Rogers, third president of Christian College; alumni, trustees and friends contributed the funds necessary for the landmark.

Ivy Chain Circle $500,000 – 999,999
Created in 1900 by Lucy Laws, first dean of Christian College; graduating students are bound by ivy draped across their shoulders, which is then cut into individual pieces. This symbolizes going separate ways while retaining collegial ties.

Dorsey Chapel Circle $250,000 – 499,999
Gothic chapel dedicated in 1911 and located in Dorsey Hall; President Luella St. Clair-Moss contributed the stained-glass window in the chapel, believed to be Tiffany glass, in honor of her daughter, Annilee.

Charter Circle $100,000 – 249,999
Columbia College, founded as Christian College in 1851, was chartered as the first women’s college west of the Mississippi River; the college became co-educational in 1970.

Founder's Circle  $50,000 – 99,999
Believing in the importance of quality higher education for women, Thomas M. Allen, James Shannon and David Patterson Henderson founded Christian College in 1851.

Trustee's Circle $25,000 – 49,999
A Board of Trustees has provided oversight for the college since its founding.

Ivy and Oak Circle  $10,000 – 24,999
These two enduring symbols represent the majesty and strength of the college; ivy — strong and evergreen — once covered St. Clair Hall and represents the bond between graduates and their alma mater; from the college’s founding until 2006, a majestic chinkapin oak, dating to 1785, shaded the Dorsey Chapel stained-glass window; part of that tree endures as doors to the chapel.

The 1851 Society of Columbia College
Columbia College's Innovation Connection

1851 Society logoMembers of the 1851 Society recognize that the need exists, as it did when the college was founded in 1851, to provide independent learning for the student population.

Donors who make annual gifts to Columbia College are recognized as Colleagues of the 1851 Society. The following levels of giving are named in honor of college innovators who reflect the unwavering commitment to excellence characteristic of Columbia College.

Joseph Kirtley Rogers Colleague $100,000 and above
The third college president, for whom the college’s most recognized symbol, Rogers Gate, is named to honor his role in keeping Columbia College open during the Civil War.

John Augustus Williams Colleague $50,000 – $99,999
The first president of Christian College, whose educational philosophy embraced the challenge of making higher education more accessible — a challenge that has become an institutional hallmark.

Jane Froman Colleague $25,000 – $49,999
A 1926 graduate who became a concert and stage phenomenon as well as a radio and television star and is arguably the college’s most famous alumna; her life and career represent the perseverance, tenacity and courage synonymous with Christian/Columbia College.

Lucy Laws Colleague $10,000 – $24,999
The first dean of the college, who served as head of the English department and librarian, and created the Ivy Chain commencement ceremony.

Lavinia Ellen Ream Colleague $5,000 – $9,999
Early alumna who sculpted the Lincoln statue in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol; poet and portrait artist.

Frank Hughes Colleague$2,500 – $4,999
Former trustee and early philanthropist; historic Hughes Hall, opened in 1939, was named in his honor.

Christian College Colleague $1,851 – $2,499
Christian College was charted in 1851 as the first women’s college west of the Mississippi River.

Mary Paxton Keeley Colleague $1,000 – $1,850
Beloved faculty member and founder of the Microphone, the college newspaper.

Franklin Launer Colleague$500 – $999
Respected faculty member and director of the college’s conservatory of music for 36 years, Launer Auditorium was dedicated in 1972 in his honor.

Mary Dorsey Bass Colleague$100 – $499
The college’s oldest living alumna at the dedication of Bass Commons in her honor in 1978.

The St. Clair Society of Columbia College
Columbia College's Visionary Connection

St. Clair Society logoThe St. Clair Society is named for Luella St. Clair-Moss, a true visionary and one of the first female college presidents in the United States. She served three terms as president of Christian College, the forerunner of Columbia College.

The St. Clair Society honors individuals whose vision for and commitment to the future have led them to include the college in a charitable life income agreement or estate plan.

Silver and Navy Club of Columbia College
Columbia College's Current Connection

Silver and Navy Club logoRepresenting the college’s official colors, the Silver and Navy Club recognizes annual gifts from graduates of the most recent ten years; these leaders are making a difference through their generosity and set a standard for philanthropy among their classmates.

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Stars and Stripes Club of Columbia College
Columbia College's Military Service Connection

Stars and Stripes Club logoThe Stars and Stripes Club recognizes gifts from alumni who are members of the military; these leaders are making a difference through their generosity and set a standard for philanthropy among their classmates.


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