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Reporting crimes

All crime victims are encouraged to report incidents to Campus Safety regardless of how insignificant the crime. In case of emergency, call 911 to report the emergency and then call Campus Safety at 711 or ext. 7315.  In case of non-emergency crime, call Campus Safety first and the responding officer will make the determination to call other authorities. Security is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so crime reports can be made at any time. The Campus Safety office is currently located in Miller Hall, however, it is commonly locked as the officers are on patrol.  To contact a Campus Safety officer, call the Campus Safety number (573) 875-7315 and make arrangements to meet the officer.  You may use one of the call boxes located throughout campus to contact Campus Safety. 

Never assume that someone else has made the call when you encounter an emergency. Try to provide as much detailed information to the 911 dispatcher as possible. Stay on the line until the dispatcher terminates the call. In medical emergencies, when possible, have another person stay with the victim while you make the call.

We encourage prompt reporting of all crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of the college. Prompt reporting could reduce the loss or aid in solving a crime. In addition, incidents should be reported so causes may be detected and corrective measures may be taken to improve the safety and security of the college community.

Yellow emergency phones, or "call boxes", are located in blue poles at the Miller lot, Practice Hall lot, Banks lot, Rangeline North and South lots, the Wightman lot, 10th Street lot and Buchanan Hall. Standard telephones are located at the front of each residence hall.

Reporting sexual assault

A Columbia College student who is the victim of a sexual assault should do the following after the assault:

  1. Call 911 or Campus Safety (711 or 875-7315). If the sexual assault occurred off-campus, the victim may still call Campus Safety if he or she does not want to involve law enforcement at that time. If the victim chooses, Campus Safety will notify the appropriate agency to handle the report.
  2. Seek medical attention in an emergency room that performs legal sexual assault exams.
    • University of Missouri Hospital: (573) 882-8091
    • Boone Hospital Center: (573) 815-3501
  3. Seek support and assistance.
    1. Contact your Area Coordinator or the Residential Life Director
    2. Campus Counseling Center: (573) 875-7423
    3. Abuse/Sexual Assault (True North) Hotline: (573) 875-1370/(800) 548-2480
    4. National Rape Crisis Hotline:  (800) 656-4673
    5. Medical Aftercare
      • Campus Health Services: (573) 875-7432
      • Private Physician
      • Friend/Relative

For more information or assistance, visit:  Title IX

If you choose to call Campus Safety as one of your options, and if you choose to file a report of the incident, the following information will be discussed with you.

  1. Remember, YOU are the victim. You have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed. If you report the sexual assault or rape to the police and make a police report, your medical treatment will be paid for by the City of Columbia Victims Fund.
  2. As soon as you call, a police officer will contact you at the scene of the incident, the hospital or any location of your choice.
  3. To preserve evidence, you should not shower, bathe or change clothes.  You should not do any cleaning up in any manner prior to receiving medical assistance.
  4. You are the person in control when you contact the police department.  Inform the police officers and/or detectives how you would like to proceed.
    • You may press charges against the suspect.
    • You may ask that college disciplinary action be initiated against the suspect.
    • You may ask the police not to contact the suspect about the incident.

It is not required that you press charges against the suspect. The police may encourage you to proceed with prosecution. If you agree to prosecute, your assailant may be arrested for the crime.  


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