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Building evacuation and assembly

Evacuation chart

Maps showing evacuation routes are posted in all campus buildings.  Faculty and staff members will provide specific instructions to students and visitors regarding evacuation routes and assembly areas and will lead students and visitors to the designated assembly areas.

If, for some reason, the suggested evacuation route is not available, faculty and staff should use their discretion in determining the best alternative route.  Please note: during most all emergencies, elevators should not be used due to the possible loss of power.

Faculty and staff members should provide assistance and/or delegate assistance to students and others on campus with disabilities in the event of an emergency.

Emergency assembly areas have been established for all college buildings.  The list is provided at the end of this appendixThere may be situations where faculty and staff members are called upon to take roll of the students who are assembling from classrooms and employees who are assembling from offices.  This information could be useful in determining those who need assistance and reassuring families that community members are safe and accounted for.

Assembly areas have also been established for each residence hall facility.  The Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants will play lead roles in determining which residents have and have not been accounted for.  Emergency contact cards on residents, hall rosters and master keys are all removed from the halls by Residential Life staff when the fire alarm sounds.

General procedures for a building evacuation*

  1. All building evacuations occur when the fire alarm sounds or upon notification by Campus Safety/ CRT or Departmental Liaisons that an emergency dictates an evacuation.
  2. When notification occurs, leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.
  3. Assist disabled persons leaving the building.  Do not use elevators in the event of a fire, earthquake or other emergency where you could become trapped in an elevator.
  4. Once outside, proceed to the established emergency evacuation assembly area, which will be at least 50 yards from the affected building.  Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.

General procedures for a campus evacuation

  1. Campus Safety, CRT or the Departmental Liaisons will announce the evacuation of all or part of the campus grounds.
  2. Assist disabled persons.
  3. All persons are to vacate immediately the area in question and relocate to the established emergency evacuation assembly area or another location as directed.
  4. There may be times when members of the community will be advised to leave campus immediately or to NOT come to campus at all.

* In the event of a tornado, building occupants will be evacuated to a building’s interior evacuation location. 

Building Fire/Building Evacuation Tornado/Severe Weather Evacuation
AHSC (Student Commons)  Bass Commons,
Library east lawn
Lower level restrooms
(away from glass areas)
Banks Hall Brown Hall north lawn (across Cougar Dr.) Banks Hall Basement
(away from glass areas)
Brown Hall Softball field Brown Hall basement
Buchanan Hall Soccer field Buchanan Hall restrooms **St. Clair basement
Dorsey Hall Bass Commons Dorsey Hall basement
Dulany Hall Launer north lawn Dulany Hall basement
Hertig Apartments Bass Commons Hertig lower level garage
Hughes Hall Bass Commons Hughes Hall basement
Launer Auditorium Hughes Hall north lawn St. Clair basement
Miller Hall Brown Hall lawn (across Cougar Dr.) Miller Hall basement
Missouri Hall Bass Commons Missouri Hall basement
Music Annex Softball field Brown Hall basement
Nursing Education Center Banks Hall lawn NEC restrooms
Online Education Center Soccer field OEC lower level (away from glassed areas)
Robnett-Spence Bass Commons Robnett-Spence basement
Science Lab Annex Softball field Brown Hall basement
St. Clair Hall Brown south lawn St. Clair Hall lower lever
7th Street Apartments Miller Parking Lot Lower level apartment
**Miller Hall basement
Southy Building Softball field Interior rooms 4&8
**Southwell locker rooms
Southwell Complex Softball field Southwell locker rooms
Stafford Library AHSC  patio Library restrooms
Wightman Building Wightman parking lot Central hallway
**Southwell locker rooms
Williams Hall Brown Hall south lawn Williams Hall 1st floor hallway

During inclement weather conditions Campus Safety will designate Dulany Hall or Southwell Complex as a gathering area for evacuees.

**If time allows, evacuate to the alternate site.


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