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Emergency procedures

Basic steps for specific types of emergencies


  • Take cover where you are- under a desk or table.
  • If in a lab, turn off gas burners and evacuate.

Tornado or heavy flood/storm

  • When warning sirens sound or upon direction from Campus Safety, evacuate to the designated interior assembly area.
  • Stay until given the “all-clear” from Campus Safety or liaison.

Winter storm

Check CC website or 875-SHUT (7488) for cancellations and directions for faculty/staff.

Fire or explosion

  • Sound the fire alarm.
  • Evacuate the building to outside assembly area.
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety at 875-7315.
  • Notify emergency personnel/Campus Safety of anyone you suspect is still in building.

Hazardous material spill

  • Report any spill or offensive odor in labs to Campus Safety.
  • For major incident, immediately call 911.
  • Evacuate the building in which a spill has occurred- do not try to clean it up.
  • If in building next to a spill, close doors and windows and seal gaps with wet cloth/clothes; stay away from windows and close blinds in case of explosion; breathe through wet cloth if vapors are present; remain in protected interior areas where vapors are reduced.

Bomb threat

  • Call Campus Safety who will notify police and other offices.
  • If a threat is received by phone, keep caller on the line as long as possible; enlist help so 911 and Campus Safety can be called immediately; write down all information gained, such as:
    • When is bomb supposed to explode?
    • Where is bomb now?
    • What does it look like?
    • What kind of bomb is it? What will cause it to explode?
    • Who placed the bomb? Is the caller with an organization?
    • Why is college being bombed?
    • What is the caller’s address?

Armed intruder

  • If you know an intruder is on campus, call 911 and Campus Safety immediately.
  • If indoors, stay in room (behind locked door if possible) away from windows.
  • If outdoors, take refuge in nearby building.
  • Wait for police to arrive.
  • If you suspect an intruder on campus, stay in room, call 911- don’t go and look.
  • Do not confront or try to apprehend intruder.


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