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All registered student organizations

For additional information, please contact Liz Weise at or 573-875-7403. The organizations listed on this page are hosted on the main campus in Columbia, Missouri. If you attend one of our nationwide campuses you may contact your campus location to find out if there are any organizations available to join.

Business Tech Solutions Club

Business Tech Solutions club is all about finding computer and technology solutions to business problems.  We work with real businesses to help them build websites and databases to help their business grow.  We want to incorporate many different majors into the process of learning how to use technology to increase business prosperity.

Contact email: 

Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club is to encourage the development of a chess community and a chess culture at Columbia College. We believe that a Chess Club constitutes a strategic platform for fostering sociability among students while stimulating intellectual growth. Faculty and staff will also be welcome to participate in all chess events.

Contact email:

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

The purpose of Chi Alpha is to be a community of passionate Christian college students at Columbia College. We strive to dedicate ourselves to telling the campus about the love and life-changing power of Jesus Christ. We believe that reaching and making disciples will result in positive world change.

Facebook: CC Chi Alpha

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA is an active organization that promotes students who are currently pursuing a degree in the field of business, finance, marketing or management. Collegiate DECA members have the opportunity to illustrate their knowledge through state and national competitive events designed to enhance practical skills and experience in a diversity of business careers. Collegiate DECA is a proactive organization that focuses on building self-esteem and ethical business practices; it is also committed to community service and development activities. 

Facebook: Columbia College Collegiate DECA
Contact email:

Columbia College A Cappella Society

Columbia College A Cappella Society is a club designed and initiated for the sole purpose of encouraging and facilitating the organization of musical composition and performance by various student music ensembles.

Facebook: Columbia College A Cappella Society
Contact email:

Columbia College Prism Pride

The purpose of Prism Pride is to educate and build the community, and to offer moral support and resources for all individuals who are in need or may be questioning their sexual or gender orientation. We will create a positive image of LGBTQIA+ students through education, resources, and social events while helping students in building a positive self-image and achieving personal, educational, and other goals.
Facebook: Columbia College Prism Pride
Contact email:

Columbia College Republicans

Columbia College Republicans promotes the conservative ideals of the Republican Party by actively promoting campus speakers, distributing publications (including voter guides), providing help with club-endorsed campaigns, and encouraging students to become politically active through joining our organization. The organization is associated with the Missouri College Republicans (MOCR) and the College Republican National Committees (CRNC). We promote greater civic contribution, leadership, and the betterment of society by increasing political awareness and involvement, and strive to encourage political awareness, encourage enlightened discussion on political and social issues, and promote positive change both locally and nationally.

Facebook: Columbia College Republicans
Contact email:

Columbia College Student-Missouri Teacher Association Chapter

This group's purpose as an MSTA chapter at Columbia College main campus is to promote professional ideals and purposes by establishing a group of like-minded students with the same basic goals to become professional educators, and to facilitate these goals by providing a structure through the MSTA organization with opportunities in personal and professional growth, community service, and leadership training.

Facebook: Columbia College SMSTA
Contact email:

Columbia College Student Veterans

The mission of the CCSV is to organize student veterans and other students so they can have a positive impact on their fellow members, the college and the community. 

Facebook: CC Student Veterans
Contact email:

Committed and Serving Together

The purpose of CAST is to provide support and assistance through volunteer efforts to organizations and agencies in the Columbia community.

Facebook: CAST of Columbia College
Contact email:

Computer Science Club

The Columbia College Computer Science Club exists primarily to further the cause of the Computer Science Department of Columbia College. It is dedicated to providing Columbia College students with opportunities whereby they can advance their knowledge of the different branches of computer and information sciences and get a hands-on experience with its various applications.

Contact email:

Criminal Justice Student Association

This association allows for those with an interest to learn about different aspects of the criminal justice field. This exposure comes in the form of various field trips and guest speakers. Issues dealing with the criminal justice field are pondered and discussed, and the association participates in a minimum of two community service activities each year. Membership is open to any student currently enrolled in Columbia College.

Facebook: Columbia College Criminal Justice Student Association
Contact email: 


The purpose of the Cougar Corps Drumline is to provide spirit and energy to school events, to encourage involvement in the Columbia College music programs, to increase attendance at athletic events, to integrate with other student organizations to improve school spirit, to enhance alumni pride, and to become a catalyst for student involvement in school events.

Contact email:

Elysium Players

Elysium Players encourages all students, faculty and staff at Columbia College to participate in the art of acting and the experience of theater.

Facebook: The Elysium Players
Contact email:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group organized for the benefit of the students on Columbia College’s campus. We know that college can be a tough time, so we are here to provide encouragement to fellow students by helping to strengthen the faith of those who attend and provide an opportunity to give Christian fellowship to all who desire it. The activities and devotionals will be geared mainly toward athletes, but all who wish to participate are more than welcome.

Contact email:

Forensic Science Student Association

FSSA provides students the opportunity to network with fellow forensic science students at the college and complement their learning through guest speakers and field trips.  

Contact email:

History and Political Science Club

The History and Political Science Club promotes historical conversations, scholarly knowledge, and a love for history within Columbia College and the outside community. 

Contact email:

Human Services Club

The purpose of the Human Services Organization is to promote fellowship, serve the community, and expand the knowledge and understanding of social issues.

Contact email:

International Club

International Club is open to all students. Members take an active role in helping international students transition to American customs as well as student life at Columbia College. This group promotes diversity, culture, respect and understanding through programming, social activities and service projects at Columbia College and in the larger community.

Facebook: Columbia College International Club
Contact email:

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

In response to God's love, grace, and truth, the purpose of this InterVarsity chapter is to establish and advance at Columbia College witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purposes in the world.
Contact email:

Mock Trial

The mission of the Mock Trial Association is to promote leadership, develop critical thinking, and gain experience and understanding of courtroom proceedings. The Mock Trial team provides experiences in the field of law while competitively representing Columbia College in inter-collegiate competitions.

Facebook: Columbia College Mock Trial Association
Contact email:

Model United Nations

The Model UN of Columbia College promotes a better understanding and an interest in the function and processes of the United Nations. Members of the Model UN role play the part of a UN member state at a United Nations simulation that includes teams from colleges and universities nationwide. Members study the political positions and views of their selected country in depth.

Facebook: CC Model United Nations
Contact email:

The Navigators

The Navigators are committed to knowing Jesus Christ, and to the advancement of his gospel through discipleship on the Columbia College campus. Our vision is to create a community of Christ-centered students devoted to each other and to making much of God's glory by being utterly satisfied in him.
Facebook: CoMo Navigators
Contact email: 

Philosophy Club

The purpose of the Philosophy Club is to create a thoughtful, respectful and inclusive environment for discussing philosophical ideas and exploring diverse ways of framing and answering questions of fundamental importance to the human experience. The Philosophy Club functions as a community that engages in informal, enjoyable group discussions and events.

Facebook: Columbia College Philosophy Club
Contact email:

Pre-Dental Society

The purpose of the Pre-­Dental Society is to prepare pre­dental students for dental school helping them become acquainted with DAT requirements, preparations for dental school, and gaining hands-­on experience with dental equipment and mock procedures.

Facebook: Columbia College Pre-Dental Society
Contact email:

Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club

The Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club will provide a forum for a community of like-minded individuals to discuss and expand knowledge of the healing arts and to prepare its members for careers in associated fields.

Pro-Life Club

The Columbia College Pro-Life Club stands for life and advocates for the unborn as much as possible. In addition to advocating for the pro-life viewpoint, we will also be a bright light of joy, friendliness, and compassion to all around us, no matter their views on this issue. We  stand for the right to life, not with our words but with our caring actions.

Facebook: Columbia College Pro-Life Organization
Contact email:

Psychology & Sociology Club

Psychology and Sociology Club is open to all students who have an interest in psychology.  Its purpose is to make known and promote interest in the field of psychology and sponsor activities and gatherings for students interested in psychology.

Contact email:

Red Cross Club

Guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the Columbia College Red Cross Club will learn, practice, and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.
Contact email:

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association of Columbia College serves as the voice of students living in the residence halls, advocates for dining and hall facility improvements, and enhances the living experience of the residents.
Facebook: Columbia College RHA

Contact email:

The Royal Ping Pong Club

The Royal Ping-Pong Club at Columbia College aims to bring together Columbia College students, staff, and faculty who are interested in playing, watching, or learning more about the amazing sport of Ping-Pong, with the goal of helping members develop their Ping-Pong skills, and improving members' relationships with one another, and with other members of the Columbia College community.

Facebook: The Royal Ping Pong Club at Columbia College
Website: Columbia College Royal Ping Pong Club
Contact email:

Science Club

The mission of Science Club is to enhance and expand the knowledge and understanding of scientific issues. It is open to all Columbia College students.

Facebook: Columbia College Science Club
Contact email:

Student Government Association

The elected students of the Columbia College Student Government Association (SGA) exist to organize students' voices and positive actions into a unified representation of the student body and to convey viable solutions, ideas, and concerns to the institution.

Facebook: Columbia College Student Government Association
Website: Student Government Association
Contact email:

Student Support Services Partnership

The purpose of SSSP is to assist the Student Support Services staff in its efforts to enhance student retention and graduation and provide leadership opportunities for SSS participants. SSSP is active in all aspects of SSS, including serving as peer advisors, and facilitating and supporting SSS activities, workshops, trips and cultural events.

Facebook: Columbia College Student Support Services
Contact email:


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