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Academic interest organizations

Columbia College American Marketing Association

The purpose of the Columbia College American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association shall be:

  • To foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing
  • To foster an environment to develop leadership skills in the field of marketing
  • To develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles
  • To improve the methods and techniques of marketing research
  • To develop better public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems
  • To activate classroom knowledge and theory into experiential learning
  • To promote friendly relations between students, faculty and the business community
  • To encourage and uphold sound, honest practices and to keep marketing operations on a high ethical plane
  • To exercise marketing skills for service and social impact

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Computer Science Club

The Columbia College Computer Science Club exists primarily to further the cause of the Computer Science Department of Columbia College. It is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to advance their knowledge of the different branches of computer and information sciences. The club also allows students to get hands-on experience with various applications.

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Criminal Justice Student Association

This association allows those with an interest to learn about different aspects of the criminal justice field. This exposure comes in the form of various field trips and guest speakers. Issues dealing with the criminal justice field are pondered and discussed. The association participates in a minimum of two community service activities each year. Membership is open to any student currently enrolled in Columbia College.

Facebook: Criminal Justice Student Association
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Forensic Science Student Association

FSSA provides students the opportunity to network with fellow forensic science students at the college. It also complements their learning through guest speakers and field trips.

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Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association provides an affinity group for students in the Columbia College Honors Program. It provides social, academic and service opportunities.

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Human Services Club

The purpose of the Human Services Club is to promote fellowship, serve the community and expand the knowledge and understanding of social issues.

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Mock Trial Association

The Mock Trial Association promotes leadership, critical thinking and an understanding of courtroom proceedings. The Mock Trial team provides experiences in the field of law while competitively representing Columbia College in intercollegiate competitions.

Facebook: Columbia College Mock Trial Association
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Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club

The Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club provides a forum for like-minded individuals to discuss and expand knowledge of healing arts. The club helps prepare members for careers in associated fields.

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Psychology and Sociology Club

The Psychology and Sociology Club raises awareness and promotes interest in the fields of psychology and sociology. The club sponsors activities and gatherings for students interested in psychology and sociology. It also promotes scholarly advancement in both fields and to help students connect with the community through service projects.


Science Club

The mission of Science Club is to enhance and expand the knowledge and understanding of scientific issues. It is open to all Columbia College students.

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This group is an MSTA (Missouri State Teachers Association) student chapter at Columbia College. TEACH promotes professional ideals and purposes by establishing a group of students with the same goal to become professional educators. The club provides a structure through MSTA with opportunities in personal and professional growth, community service and leadership training.

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