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Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant position is an opportunity to affect the Columbia College community by influencing the lives of students living in the residence halls. This is a full-time, year-long commitment that pushes students to become better leaders and role models for those living in their community. As an RA, you will be given the responsibility of cultivating a community on your floor and in your building as well as assisting students from personal to academic needs.

"There is nothing more exciting than to welcome new students to CC then watch them grow personally, often becoming leaders on campus themselves, and know that you were able to play a role in that. You also get to know some really great people that you might not otherwise have met. I've become much more aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and how to capitalize on them, because these roles challenge you in ways that your classes can't. Without a doubt, I've learned to prioritize my time commitments and also to appreciate the different talents and abilities that each person brings to a team." - Angela Houston, Resident Assistant

"In this job many things are done spontaneously, making me a more spontaneous individual. It doesn’t mean I don't get things done. I do get them done well. I am more adapted to quick thinking and time management. I am digging deep into and developing my top strength, learning. I have seen that before I can help, I have to know my residents and understand their situations and that won't be possible unless I can "learn" about people. I have learned to be more proactive and deliberate in taking action.I get the most satisfaction when I hear students talk of how they like this place. I told my residents "I did not want a community but a family." The recognition of people is what I carry with me everywhere I go. This is a small enough campus and it won't be out of place to greet as many people as possible. Why? Because the receiver of the greeting feels a sense of belonging." - Panshak Dakup, Resident Assistant

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