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Orientation Leader

The Orientation Leader's chief responsibility is to support prospective and new students as they join the Columbia College community through Connection and Orientation events. The Orientation Leaders work to create a spirited welcome for new students while serving as a resource to answer new student questions and concert. Read the Orientation Leader's responsibility description. 

"I whole-heartedly believe that being an Orientation Leader allowed me to be successful in my own endeavors as a CC student. Being in this position made me learn to manage my job as an OL, my other job, my classes, and my social life in proactive ways. Being an OL made me a more well-rounded college student, as I interacted with diverse people, planned events for the student body, participated in high-risk teambuilding activities, learned the importance of a team, and learned more about myself as a leader." – Mary Russell

"Being an Orientation Leader changed me by allowing me to grow personally and professionally, as I learned daily from my mentor, fellow CC's, and the new student."– Kate McHughs

"The Orientation Leader Position helped me to discover my passion and inspired me to be the best me I can be!" – Liz Gilbert


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