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Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant position is an opportunity to affect the Columbia College community by influencing the lives of students living in the residence halls. This is a full-time, year-long commitment that pushes students to become better leaders and role models for those living in their community. As an RA, you will be given the responsibility of cultivating a community on your floor and in your building as well as assisting students from personal to academic needs.

"My favorite thing about living on campus is being a resident assistant. Living on campus has enhanced my student experience because I have grown so much as a person through being a resident assistant. I am able to help my residents and show them all that Columbia College has to offer. I would encourage a new student to live on-campus because it is so much easier to make new friends and grow as a person when you live on campus. It is a lot of fun to be immersed in the campus and go to all of the fun events that this college offers." - Bailey Humphreys, Resident Assistant

"My favorite thing about living on campus was having the opportunity to be an RA and having random get togethers on my floor. I loved these organic programs that allowed me to get to know students better, help bridge the gap between Res Life and Residents, and bring people together who may or may not have ever spoken to each other before. I still have people who will bring this up to me every once in a while and tell me how much they enjoyed those nights.

"Living on campus takes the stress of monthly bills off your plate so you can focus on academics and allows you easier access to the resources on campus. Since most of my experience has been working within residential life, I would say I have gained knowledge about my own safety and learned how to operate within a team" - Mercedes Nute, Resident Assistant

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