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First Year Mentor (FYM)

The FYM's chief responsibility is to ease the transition of new students into the academic and social community of Columbia College and to strengthen the sense of community on campus. FYM's act as the initial contact through which new students connect through Foundations with faculty, staff, returning students and the facilities and resources available on campus.

"I believe that being a peer mentor is more than a job; it’s a responsibility that every one of us must fulfill. Every person on this campus and in the surrounding community, in my opinion, has a duty to be a positive influence in the lives of others and help them through whatever comes their way. This is what builds a strong and lasting community. This experience has been absolutely amazing and I feel like I am growing as a person." - Emily Pry, Community Consultant

"I feel the most rewarded when a student recognizes my face, walks up to me and is confident that I can be a reliable person. Having that kind of "mentor" role makes my face light up and humbles me beyond belief." - Jill Thompson, Community Consultant

"Knowing that I'm helping make an impact on student’s lives by perhaps making their transition and overall experience in college even just a little bit better is by far the best thing about my position!" - Jessica Houston, Community Consultant

First Year Mentor job description


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