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Housing requirement

All full-time freshmen and sophomore Day Campus students (those with fewer than 60 semester hours completed) must live on campus except:

  • Married students
  • Single-parent students
  • Students residing with parents in Boone County, MO, where such address has been established as the sole, legal and permanent residence of the parents
  • Students age 22 or older
  • Military veterans as defined by federal guidelines

Living on-campus is a significant aspect of the Columbia College educational experience. Recent studies reveal that students who start their college career by living on campus are more likely to:

  • Still be in school after two years
  • Personally know and spend time outside of class with faculty members
  • Graduate in four years
  • Receive more academic and emotional support from other students
  • Get involved in student organizations

Studies also indicate that students who make the choice to live on campus are more likely to:

  • Have a higher grade point average
  • Use campus resources (library, labs, faculty and staff)
  • Take more credit hours
  • Express greater satisfaction with the undergraduate educational experience

Because of the greater likelihood of student academic and personal success, the housing requirement is strictly enforced. Columbia College is committed to its students and seeing them persevere and succeed.

Requests to live off campus

Any student requiring an exception who does not meet one of the established housing exemptions above must submit a formal letter of appeal outlining his/her reasoning to the director of Residential Life. No exceptions will be made unless the request is made in writing. Students should understand, however, that few exceptions are made given that the evidence suggests that on-campus living is a significant aspect of student academic and personal success. Also, please pay attention to the deadline for submitting appeals.

Letters of appeal should be mailed to:

Director of Residential Life
Columbia College
1001 Rogers Street
Columbia, MO 65216

Alternatively, appeals may be e-mailed to

Make sure the letter includes: 

  • Student's name and permanent address
  • Documented and supported reasons that require off-campus exemption
  • Semester(s) requesting to live off campus

The director will review all appeals and render a decision. Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified. If the appeal is denied, the student's final option is to appeal to the Dean for Student Affairs. To take this last step, students should call (573) 875-7400 to schedule an appointment.


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