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Be happy. Be healthy.

College life is much more than focusing on academics alone. It is hard to find a good school-work-life balance. Students can have a wide variety of experiences and find themselves dealing with emotional, physical and mental health related issues. Take some time to view the resources below. Our goal is for you to be happy and healthy while attending Columbia College.

Living in Collegetown, USA

Party safe

You’d never go skydiving without knowing the proper safety protocols; the same goes for partying. Both can have very serious outcomes, so it is important to be informed and have a plan to prevent an unsafe situation from arising.


Sexual well-being 

It’s no surprise that someone might come along who catches your eye, especially with all of the new people you've been meeting. Recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships and what sexual well-being really means.


Free your mind

Columbia College offers fabulous on-site counseling services helping students gain the tools they need to navigate the challenges of college life. Beyond the Counseling Services, some students prefer a more anonymous connection to resources. Learn more and find additional support.


Active body, active mind

All you can eat dining halls, late night events with pizza, ice cream study breaks — so many temptations in such little time. Your health and habits greatly affect your ability to perform academically. Check out our resources below to help you stay mentally and physically on top of your game.


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