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Classes Offered

Peer advising and service learning

Student Team building exerciseCOLL 104: Peer Advising Skills, Part I
Gain and build life skills through service learning to utilize in student leader positions (Community Consultant, Resident Assistant, Academic Personnel).

COLL 105: Peer Advising Skills, Part II
Build upon experiences from COLL 104. This course focuses on gaining the skills necessary for a specific peer-advising position.

Outdoor recreation

Rock ClimberBeginning Rock Climbing
Learn basic skills necessary for a safe rock climbing experience. This will include knot tying, bouldering, and safe movement on the rock.

Intermediate Rock Climbing
Build upon the skills attained in Beginning Rock Climbing. Also learn rope care, set up and belaying techniques.

Teams Challenge
Games, group initiatives and lo-ropes are the topics covered in this adventure filled class. Learn how to bring groups together through challenging activities and have fun while doing it!

Wilderness Stewardship
If you are tired of all those fandangle camping gadgets, then lets go back to the basics. Learn "leave no trace principles" and some of the more natural rhythms of nature.

Beginning Caving
Learn how to navigate within a cave and basic cave exploration.

Beginning Back Packing
Learn back packing basics, including dress and equipment.

Student Development CanoeingIntermediate Back Packing
Expand your basic knowledge of equipment and required clothing, as well as packing and hiking technique.

Beginning Canoeing
Learn basic still water navigation including directional strokes and experience moving water navigation.

Intermediate Canoeing
Expand your basic knowledge of water navigation and experience a more challenging moving water navigation.


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