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Wardrobe Guidelines

General Guidelines for everyone:

  • Avoid wearing cologne or perfume
  • Hair should be clean, neat and in a conservative style
  • Shoes should be polished
  • Clothing should be clean and pressed
  • Carry a professional, leather briefcase to hold all essentials in one place.
  • If the weather is cold or rainy, make sure that you wear a dress coat with a professional look.

Wardrobe Guidelines for Women

  • Traditional interview dress is considered a matched skirt or pant suit or tailored dress
  • Choose a neutral color like black, navy, gray, or camel in a solid or subtle pattern such as pinstripes.
  • Jewelry should be simple. Choose something in gold, silver or pearl that is not distracting
  • Choose a blouse or shell in white or light color for conservative careers. If you are in a communication or creative career you can add color or pattern to add interest.
  • Hairstyle is neat and well-groomed . If the style is long you want to pull hair away from the face.
  • Make sure the length of your skirt is appropriate, no more than one inch above the knees.
  • Keep nails trimmed and neat. Go with a natural nail or a light, subtle nail polish.
  • Keep makeup colors neutral and apply with a light hand.
  • Wear pantyhose if wearing a skirt suit or dress.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with closed toe and moderate heel ( no more than 2 inches).

Wardrobe Guidelines for Men

  • Traditional interview attire is a dark, conservative suit and white, long-sleeved dress shirt
  • Choose a neutral color like gray or dark brown in a solid or pinstripe.
  • Ties should be silk and coordinate well with suit. Choose a conservative pattern avoiding anything too bold or flashy.
  • Do not wear jewelry to the interview other than a watch and no more than one ring; if you normally wear an earring, remove it for the interview.
  • Wear lace-up dress shoes in a dark color such as black or cordovan.
  • Your belt color should match your shoes.
  • Choose dress socks in a dark color that matches your shoes.
  • Make sure you are well groomed. Have a clean shave or neatly trim your mustache or beard.


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