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Job Offers

When receiving written employment offers, read the offer and make sure that you understand the details. Various aspects of the offer may be negotiated depending on the industry. Work with a career counselor to determine if negotiating is appropriate.

Prioritize what is most important to you

  • Interest in the type of position, employer, and industry
  • Values (helping others, work/life balance, salary, etc.)
  • Geographic location
  • Other factors

Understand the offer

  • What position is being offered?
  • How does the offer reflect the work you want to do and the type of organization you want to work with?
  • What is the rate and schedule of pay?
  • How does the rate of pay and your expected budget compare with the cost of living?
  • How does the offer compare with the research you have conducted to learn about typical salaries for people with your education and experience?
  • What is the employment start date?
  • What type of benefits and insurances (health, pension , educational, other) and at what cost?
  • What is the amount of vacation and holiday time?
  • When does the employer expect you to make a decision?
  • If you have questions about any aspect of the offer, ask your contact within the organization. Employers are bound by ethical standards and should:
  • Provide accurate information about their organization, position, career advancement opportunities, and benefits.
  • Provide candidates with a reasonable amount of time to make a decision about the offer.
  • Offer fair and equitable assistance if, because of changing circumstances, an employer must revoke a job offer.

Determine Your Worth - Research Salary Information

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation data available: The NACE Salary Calculator Center
  • NACE Salary Survey available in the Career Services Center
  • gives you an inside look at company reviews, interview questions, & salary information for thousands of companies.


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