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Career Services and Faculty Partnerships

Career Services and all academic departments at Columbia College share a similar mission: to prepare our students for meaningful and productive careers beyond Columbia College. Whether students are gearing for graduate school or the workplace, they will benefit from the partnerships that are forged between Career Services and your department. Here are some concrete ideas on how we can work together for the mutual benefit of our students and our departments.

How Career Services Can Assist Your Department and Students

Career Services Overview

We design services to support students from the earliest stages of career exploration through alumni career changes. Our resources include career counseling, personality and interest assessments, graduate school advising and job search.

Alumni Speakers

We help with identifying alumni speakers, panelist or corporate presenters.

Career Counseling

Our career counselors can help your students explore their choice of a major and identify appropriate jobs and internships.

Career Planning Site

Students can utilize the Career Services Planning tools to identify their interests, skills and values and see how they relate to Columbia College majors and job opportunities, through FOCUS and COPS. We recommend a follow-up career counseling session.

Class Presentations

Our career counselors can make 15–50 minute presentations in class on a variety of career related topics, including job search, resume, writing and interviewing.

Employer Contacts

We can provide employer contacts that may lead to candidates for internships, experiental learning and part-time and full-time positions.

Graduate School

We assist students with their graduate school applications through workshops/seminars, post test seminars, personal statement critiques and counseling.


Our career counselors can help students find internships, which can enrich their academic experience and coursework. Read more about Internships.

Major and Career Profiles

Your students can students can review “What Can I Do With A Major In” on our website.

Online Jobs

Students can search for jobs through our CCNET program.

Credentials Service

Our Credential Service maintains letters of reference for current students and alumni for use in applying to graduate school, teaching positions or other employment opportunities.

Graduate Survey and Report

Each year we send your department our Graduate Survey report and specific data on hiring and graduate school data for your department, as reported by students.

How Your Department Can Assist Career Services

Alumni Career Network

Invite alumni to become members of the Alumni Career Network, where members can provide career information and advice to students.

Alumni Contacts

Send us information on the alumni of your department and where they work. Also invite them to recruit at Columbia College.

Career Services Website

Encourage students, employers and faculty members to visit the Career Services website at We had more than 60,000 visitors last year!

Core Competencies

Send us information on the core competencies that your students develop through their curriculum so that we can better promote them to employers.

Employer Referrals

Refer employers to Career Services and encourage them to participate in on-campus interviews and career fairs.

Jobs and Internships

Refer employers to post jobs and internships through Career Services. Contact us at (573) 875-7425 or

NACE Guidelines on Faculty Candidate Referrals

Adhere to the guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) on the do’s and don’ts of referring students to employers.

New Majors, Courses, and Programs

Inform us about new majors, courses and programs so that we can update students.

Student Referrals

Refer students to Career Services for career assistance, resume critiques, find job or internship, interview preparation or applying to graduate school.


Send copies of any formal or informal surveys that you have conducted of recent graduates.


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