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Meal Plans & Guest Prices

Meal Plan Options

All students residing in Columbia College's residence halls must participate in a Meal Plan. Each Meal Plan includes an unlimited number of seconds, with the exception of steak or similar premium entrees.

Twenty Meal Plan: Entitles you to all 20 served meals:

Monday-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Saturday: Brunch and Dinner
Sunday: Lunch and Dinner.

Fourteen Meal Plan: Entitles you to any 14 of the 20 served meals.

Our meal plans run Thursday through Wednesday.

arrowLearn about the Cougar Café Value Exchange program, where, during certain times of the day, you can eat at Cougar Café and use it toward your meal plan.

Guest Prices

Have a friend or family member visiting who isn't on a meal plan? Guest prices are as follows:

Breakfast: $4.25
Brunch: $5.25
Lunch: $5.25
Dinner: $6.00

For frequent guests, meal cards, which offer a discounted rate, are available in the Food Service Office.

Guests not affliated with Columbia College

Due to the increased number of people who will be on campus on a daily basis and the need to accommodate our growing student body, we will be raising the price of meals at Dulany Hall for diners who are not otherwise affiliated with the college as follows:

Breakfast: $7.25
Brunch: $8.25
Lunch: $8.25
Dinner: $9.00


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