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Criteria for papers displayed

Please join us for the 2017 Festival of Writing, a celebration of student academic essay writing across the disciplines and of Columbia College’s commitment to writing excellence. The festival will take place March 20-24, 2017, and we will accept paper submissions until January 27, 2017. Application forms may be picked up at the Seabrook Writing Center, 214 Missouri Hall, or accessed online.

Criteria for papers displayed at the Festival of Writing:

  1. The paper needs to be in a clean copy format – all grammar, punctuation, spelling and citing errors should be corrected, and all of the instructor’s suggestions should be used.
  2. The paper is an analytical essay (it may be a research paper) of at least two pages in length.
  3. It was written (recently or in the past) for an assignment in a Columbia College course that met or meets on the main campus (Day or Evening Campus courses only).
  4. The paper received an "A" from the professor for whom it was written.
  5. The paper exhibits originality and clarity of thought in a well-organized presentation.
  6. The paper flows well and sentences are clearly, logically and persuasively connected.
  7. The paper is written in a lively, interesting style.
  8.  The paper possesses excellent mechanics: no grammar, punctuation or diction errors, and if outside references are used, they are well documented, clearly paraphrased or summarized, carefully quoted and correctly cited.

Students may submit up to three papers as long as each paper is accompanied by a separate application form. However, only one paper per student will be selected for display. Please note that meeting the above criteria does not guarantee that a student's paper will be selected.

Students whose papers have been selected will be notified by early March 2017.


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