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Academic resources


The Bruce Math Center and the Seabrook Writing Center and Tutoring Services are dedicated to the enhancement and application of academic skills crucial to the mission of Columbia College to improve the lives of diverse students through exemplary teaching.


The goals of the Bruce Math Center

  • To support and supplement classroom instruction in mathematics.
  • To encourage development and maintenance of sound study habits.
  • To encourage all to become confident, independent and lifelong learners.

The goals of the Seabrook Writing Center

  • To enhance and maintain student writing skills that meet or exceed established academic standards.
  • To empower students to independently exercise the skills of critical thinking and analysis at or beyond the academic standards of the college.
  • To support student efforts to write and learn beyond the classroom and foster a culture that values writing and academic excellence. 

The goals of the Seabrook Tutoring Services

  • To boost student achievement in course work through mentored skill building in specific disciplines as requested by students and faculty. 
  • To support students in becoming independent learners while maintaining a clear focus on the high standards demanded by faculty and found in academic requirements.


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