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Assessment Committee

Committee mission

The Academic Assessment Committee conducts research, initiates proposals and reviews and makes recommendations on proposals concerning assessment of the effectiveness of the College’s academic programs and services; facilitates and maintains communication in joint efforts to evaluate the total educational experience provided for students of Columbia College; and coordinates activities related to educational assessment throughout the College. 


Ann M. Schlemper

Dr. Ann Schlemper

Professor of Mathematics

Committee members

Dr. Kenneth Felts

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Brandi Herrman

Brandi Herrman

Instructor of Business Administration

David Karr

Dr. David Karr

Associate Professor of History

Curtis Mason

Dr. Curtis Mason

Assistant Professor of Education

Nollie Moore

Nollie Moore

Instructor of Music

Michael Perkins

Instructor of Human Services

Ex-officio members

Kate Bowersox

Director of Online Academic Programs, Division of Online Education

Dr. Eric Cunningham

Associate Dean, Division of Academic Affairs

Jiyoon Kim

Research Statistician, Office of Institutional Research

Dr. Cyndi Louden

Director of Academic Assessment, Academic Affairs


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