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Columbia College students rack up stellar scores on the Major Field Test

students in class taking testAn increasing number of Columbia College students are racking up stellar scores on the Major Field Test. Scoring well on the test isn’t just cause for celebration among faculty and staff; a good score also qualifies the brainy student to wear a special blue and silver cord in the graduation ceremony.

The MFT tests are two-hour, nationally normed exams in 16 academic disciplines administered to more than 100,000 students in over 800 colleges in 2007 alone. The MFT tests, developed by the Educational Testing Service, are administered to seniors as part of Columbia College’s ongoing effort to evaluate the effectiveness of bachelor's degree programs.

In 2007-08, 945 Columbia College seniors took the Major Field Test in biology, business (bachelor’s and master’s), chemistry, computer science, criminal justice, English, history, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology.  Of that number, 71 students scored in the top 10 percent of all U.S. students taking the test, and were eligible to wear the navy and silver cord at graduation.

In late July 2008, 36 St. Louis campus students received bachelor's degrees in business administration and seven in criminal justice. Statistically, three to four business majors and one in criminal justice would score in the top 10 percent nationally, but the St. Louis campus had 10 (28 percent) and three (43 percent) in the top 10 percent, respectively, of MFT scores. This campus also had the highest number (17) of students scoring 90% or above on the MFT.

This showing speaks volumes about the quality of students, faculty and programs at the St. Louis campus.

But St. Louis is no statistical fluke: an amazing 75 percent of business administration majors at the Freeport, Ill., campus scored in the 90th percentile and four scored in the 95th percentile.

Elena Hartsell, who recently earned dual bachelor’s degrees in psychology and in business administration from the San Luis Obispo, Calif., campus, is in a class by herself. Hartsell had the highest Columbia College MFT score in our history, scoring 194 of 200 in business, in the top 1 percentile of all students nationwide; and in the top 97 percentile in psychology. Her GPA? 4.0., and she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Dr. Terry Smith, executive vice president and dean for academic affairs, said, "It has been a pleasure for me to congratulate many of these graduates personally at their commencement ceremonies. Their achievement spotlights our quality academic programs, and shows that our best students are as good as the best students anywhere."

Below is a list of all students who have received scores of 90% or above on the MFT examination from Sept. 2007 to Dec. 2008, and the campus at which they took the test.  Test-takers scoring 90% or above from the Evening Campus, at 15, outperformed their Online Campus cousins, at 10. Among physical campuses, St. Louis was far away No. 1, at 17 students. Second was Salt Lake, which had 14 students who scored above 90%; third was the main campus at 13.

Congratulations to all these students and the outstanding faculty who taught them!

First name Surname Campus Test date
Mary Wade Aurora, Colo. 10/10/2008
Valerie Gantzler Aurora, Colo. 9/24/2008
Gene McCausey Aurora, Colo. 9/24/2008
Christopher Gomez Aurora, Colo. 9/22/2008
Michael Newlon Aurora, Colo. 9/18/2007
Kevin Hutchison Christian County, Mo. 12/11/2008
Christopher Reeves Christian County, Mo. 9/10/2008
Lee Lathrop Crystal Lake, Ill. 5/12/2008
Carly Stangeland Crystal Lake, Ill. 5/9/2008
Daniel J Schlung Crystal Lake, Ill. 10/31/2007
Eric D Desantis Crystal Lake, Ill. 10/6/2007
Mark Walton Elgin, Ill. 5/14/2008
Tracy Bishop Evening Campus 12/12/2008
Timothy Steele Evening Campus 12/5/2008
Ronald Bibb Evening Campus 12/4/2008
Lisa Giamalva Evening Campus 12/4/2008
Travis Bogart Evening Campus 12/3/2008
Roxanne O'Loughlin Evening Campus 12/3/2008
Heidi Saylor Evening Campus 12/3/2008
Patricia Schreiner Evening Campus 10/2/2008
Jason McFarland Evening Campus 4/3/2008
John Gladbach Evening Campus 2/29/2008
George Stevenson Evening Campus 2/29/2008
Pamela Fisher Evening Campus 2/23/2008
Jill Wieneke Evening Campus 12/18/2007
Dana Kintner Evening Campus 11/29/2007
Jeffrey L Hyde Evening Campus 10/6/2007
Dawn Musick Fort Drum, N.Y. 11/14/2008
Autumn Hinrichs Fort Stewart, Ga. 11/27/2008
Anna Spurgeon Fort Stewart, Ga. 4/22/2008
Chad O'Brien Fort Worth, Tx. 11/18/2008
Ashley Stetto Fort Worth, Tx. 9/29/2008
Lee Walsh Fort Worth, Tx. 3/6/2008
Lisa Giedd Freeport, Ill. 5/9/2008
Reyhan Filiz Freeport, Ill. 3/4/2008
Robin Walton Freeport, Ill. 12/13/2007
Laurel Bergren Freeport, Ill. 12/5/2007
Brian Boeke Freeport, Ill. 12/5/2007
Randy Crandall Freeport, Ill. 12/5/2007
Marc Cregan Freeport, Ill. 12/5/2007
Jos Schwab Freeport, Ill. 12/5/2007
Robert Post Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. 12/2/2008
Shelly Henderson Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. 10/31/2007
Daniel Ruscitto Hancock Field, N.Y. 3/3/2008
Wayne Walker Hancock Field, N.Y. 3/3/2008
Edwin Maier Hancock Field, N.Y. 11/26/2007
Todd M Panek Hancock Field, N.Y. 10/31/2007
Cynthia C Fulwood Jacksonville, Fla. 10/6/2007
Emily Ousley Jefferson City, Mo. 12/3/2008
April Thornsberry Jefferson City, Mo. 5/13/2008
Jeffrey Bolte Jefferson City, Mo. 5/12/2008
Johanna Luebbering Jefferson City, Mo. 5/12/2008
John Olsen Kansas City, Mo. 5/12/2008
John Berger Lake County, Ill. 12/11/2008
Mark J. Hammel Lake County, Ill.
Timothy Bowman Lake County, Ill. 5/17/2008
Karen Donahue Lake County, Ill. 2/27/2008
Tod Grever Lemoore, Calif. 5/20/2008
Melissa D Barlow Los Alamitos, Calif. 10/31/2007
Devin Lamarre Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 12/18/2008
Lindsey Barnes Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 12/17/2008
Tabish Islam Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 12/17/2008
Adam Wooldridge Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 12/16/2008
Geoffrey Blackwell Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 11/12/2008
Jason Kerr Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/8/2008
Michael Swanner Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/8/2008
Alison Bailey Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/7/2008
Elizabeth Dahm Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/6/2008
Kolin Mattingly Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/6/2008
Clinton Sinclair Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 5/6/2008
Mark O'Laughlin Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 4/29/2008
Grace Warn Main campus, Columbia, Mo. 12/13/2007
Michael Hathaway Marysville/Everett, Wash. 9/26/2008
Trevor Tregellas Marysville/Everett, Wash. 5/8/2008
Scott Snider Marysville/Everett, Wash. 10/6/2007
Sarah Swearson Marysville/Everett, Wash. 10/6/2007
CaRolla, Mo. Kerns Moberly, Mo. 4/18/2008
James L Ernest NAS Jacksonville, Fla. 3/1/2008
Christina Shelhamer NAS Jacksonville, Fla. 2/25/2008
Jeremy P Clark NAS Jacksonville, Fla. 10/6/2007
Gene S Spaulding NAS Jacksonville, Fla. 10/6/2007
Scott Molyneaux Online Campus 11/17/2008
Michelle Watson Online Campus 9/22/2008
Amy Huffman Online Campus 7/8/2008
Kevin Wiemer Online Campus 5/6/2008
Jason Carr Online Campus 5/3/2008
John Reynolds Online Campus 5/3/2008
David Sill Online Campus 5/3/2008
Audra Tucker Online Campus 5/1/2008
Linda Prior Online Campus 3/3/2008
Paul Pagano Online Campus 10/6/2007
Dossy Felts Jr. Patrick AFB, Fla. 7/8/2008
David Derbort Redstone Arsenal, Ala. 5/7/2008
John T Stough Redstone Arsenal, Ala. 5/6/2008
Thomas Moser Rolla, Mo. 7/16/2008
Travis Britt Rolla, Mo. 5/9/2008
John Dowdy Rolla, Mo. 5/7/2008
Cheriee A Mayeaux Salt Lake 10/6/2008
Ryan Carter Salt Lake 9/24/2008
Travis Cloyd Salt Lake 9/24/2008
Michael Miles Salt Lake 9/24/2008
Randy B Jackson Salt Lake 7/18/2008
Daniel Skogerboe Salt Lake 5/21/2008
Jeffrey DuVal Salt Lake 5/16/2008
Pena Hans Salt Lake 12/11/2007
Scott Reece Salt Lake 10/31/2007
Daniel Davis Salt Lake 10/6/2007
Nathan C Page Salt Lake 10/6/2007
Claire Scott Salt Lake 10/6/2007
Alisha F Sykes Salt Lake 10/6/2007
Reanna Thompson Salt Lake 10/6/2007
Jerry Martinez San Luis Obispo, Calif. 9/24/2008
Elena Hartsell San Luis Obispo, Calif. 5/1/2008
Elena Hartsell San Luis Obispo, Calif. 4/29/2008
Beverly Anderson St. Louis, Mo. 11/24/2008
Julie Calcagno St. Louis, Mo. 11/24/2008
Rosalind Portis St. Louis, Mo. 11/24/2008
Sophia Walton St. Louis, Mo. 11/24/2008
Danielle Duggan  St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Walter Harris St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Charlese Knox St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Louise Merrill St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Patrica Murray St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Nicole Perry-Hall St. Louis, Mo. 7/9/2008
Theodore Noll St. Louis, Mo. 5/1/2008
Steve Seagraves St. Louis, Mo. 5/1/2008
John Boyle St. Louis, Mo. 2/26/2008
Richard Ragar St. Louis, Mo. 2/26/2008
Michael Schroeder St. Louis, Mo. 2/26/2008
Jeff Dulaney St. Louis, Mo. 10/1/2007
Preston Schmitz St. Louis, Mo. 10/1/2007
Natalie Boyer Whidbey Island, Wash. 9/23/2008
Christopher Grenfell Whidbey Island, Wash. 9/23/2008
Joshua Bergmann Whidbey Island, Wash. 7/9/2008