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Meet Our Students Across the Nation

Christi Dailey '99—Colorado

Christi Dailey When Christi Dailey decided to retire from the military after 23 years, she was surprised by the first question employers asked her: "Do you have a college degree?"

Dailey certainly understood the value of education. While in the military, she had accumulated nearly 200 hours of college credit. But none of it amounted to a degree.

"I learned quickly that employers didn't care how many credit hours I had or how many courses I took," Dailey said. "All they wanted to see was the college degree."

That's when she decided to attend Columbia College-Aurora, and in 1999, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice administration. Today, she works as a financial planner for Primerica Financial.

The correlation between her degree and her job is obvious to Dailey, who says she's always loved helping people. Now, she can help families manage their finances, especially when they are stressed because of a legal issue.

"My education has a direct bearing on the way I now approach a family in financial need," Dailey said. "I learned a lot while pursuing my education that I am happy to pass along."

Dailey said she would recommend Columbia College to any adult student thinking about returning to school. With a nationwide network of campuses to choose from and a curriculum that caters to adult learners, she said the rewards have been tremendous.

"Without a degree, I would have had to settle for a job instead of finding exactly what I wanted," Dailey said. "Columbia College made that possible."

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