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Meet Our Students Across the Nation

Bonnie Trickey '87—Missouri

Bonnie Trickey Bonnie Trickey always wanted to be part of a management team. Maybe it was something about motivating people to do great work. Or perhaps it was implementing high-level decisions.

"I've always wanted to be part of management," Trickey said. "I've always had ideas that I wanted to implement, but I needed a college degree to even be considered."

When Trickey finally made the commitment to return to college at Columbia College-Jefferson City and earn her bachelor's degree in business administration, she had no idea how fast her career would take off. A loan officer at a local bank, she got an opportunity to move to Columbia, Mo., and become part of the management team that included being a member of the Loan and Asset/Liability committees. It was after several years in this position that she heard that a national real estate company was looking for a mortgage broker—a perfect job for her. Trickey quickly contacted the owner and made the move from corporate life to her own business.

"The pay off has definitely been worth the investment," Trickey said. "I simply wouldn't have the opportunities I do now without an education."

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