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International Students at Columbia College-Elgin

Three Korean students

Yes, you part of Columbia College!

At Columbia College-Elgin, we welcome international students and work with them to ensure a smooth admissions and academic process.

There are, however, certain requirements that are unique to international students. They include:

  • First-time attendance: International students must take a full course load each session with the exception of their vacation period. This may include one online and one on-campus course. Students only are authorized to drop below full-time status for medical necessity or during their final session.
  • Vacation: International students need to complete the equivalent of one academic year, or four sessions, before taking an annual vacation period. Students are permitted to take only one vacation period per academic year.
  • Optional Practical Training: Students may apply two sessions before they complete their degree requirements.
  • Reinstatement: International students have up to five months to request reinstatements if they fail to attend class.
  • Completion of the program: International students have 60 days after the completion of their degree to leave the country.
  • Academic Tracking: It is imperative that international students utilize academic advising to ensure they are taking the appropriate classes at the appropriate time.
  • Official transcripts for classes outside of the United States: Evaluators at Columbia College must see transcripts from courses international students have taken outside of the country. Diplomas will be withheld and students will not be able to graduate until this is done.
  • Pretests: International students who have not taken Math 104 (Beginning Algebra) and ENGL 107 (Developmental English Composition) must take them or pretest out of the courses.

For more information, consult the New International Student Checklist or contact the Columbia College—Elgin office at or (847) 214-7197.


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