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Missouri high school students recognized in Columbia College art show

Thirteen of Missouri's high school students received awards from Columbia College's art department faculty. Selected students from across the state displayed artwork in the Larson Gallery Missouri High School Art Show Jan. 11-23.

More than 120 students representing 20 Missouri high schools were selected for awards in four categories, with the opportunity for one overall Best of Show winner. All category winners received a cash award and a scholarship toward attendance at the Columbia College Summer Art Workshop. The overall winner received $100, a full scholarship to the summer art workshop and a $1,000 grant for tuition at Columbia College.

Best of Show: Hannah Kelley, Boonville, Mo.

Paint and Drawing: 1st - Taylor Lay, Lewiston, Mo. 2nd - Theresa Whang, Columbia, Mo. 3rd - Andrea Tutin, Boonville, Mo.

Print and Mixed Media: 1st - Ge Song, Columbia, Mo. 2nd - Sawyer Wade, Columbia, Mo. 3rd - Jamie Daylor, Columbia, Mo.

Photography and Digital Media: 1st - Zophia McDogal, Columbia, Mo. 2nd - Rachel Vincenz, Columbia, Mo. 3rd - Jennifer Maynard, Columbia, Mo.

Alternative Media: 1st - Blake Lahr, Ewing, Mo. 2nd - Lexie Dickes, Columbia, Mo. 3rd - Shelby Richardson, Columbia, Mo.

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