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Admissions checklist

  • Step 1:

    Complete the application and arrange for your high school or college transcripts (if applicable) to be sent to the Office of the Registrar at 1001 Rogers St., Columbia, MO 65216.

  • Step 2:

    Authenticate your identity in the campus office or online with your webcam.

  • Step 3:

    Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with school code 002456.

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What’s going on in the CC community?

So good to see my friends from our @cc_alumni board ... and @mgosney8 this AM! #wearecc #beautifulpeople

Last night was definitely one I would not forget for a very long time. I thank God for blessing me with all the amazing people he has surrounded me with, and also for this humbling Rogers Gate award. I thank my family, mentors, supervisors, friends, colleagues, and everyone who has been a blessing in my life up to this point ...and that includes you reading this 😊 For me, this award does is not a representation of accomplishments or ability because I could never do anything on my own or by my own strength. Rather it signifies 4 years of trying and failing, of learning from countless mistakes, of falling but never staying down, of taking risks and hoping for the best, and of trusting God to lead the way even when the future doesn't look so bright. I will like to dedicate this award to my parents who sacrificed everything for me from the day I was born up to where I am today. Only God knows how much I love you guys. Thank you for raising me and may God bless and keep you to reap the fruits of your labor! ❤ Also a special thank you to all who nominated me for this and other awards. The world today is in need of change and healing, and to every person out there aspiring to be a part of this change by making an impact in the world I say: work hard cause you never know what the seed you are sowing will reap, pray hard cause you will need God all along the way, dream hard 'cause dreaming won't cost you a penny but could earn you a fortune, believe in yourself because you are good enough, and lastly, play hard 'cause you only have one life to live. Thank you CC for the 4 years of learning and growing. I will never forget you. #WeAreCC! ❤❤❤ **Ps: Sorry I didn't take pictures of myself lol.

Thank you, Central Missouri Humane Society, for bringing some four-legged visitors to campus yesterday for some much need stress relief. 🐾🐶

Baseball player Alex Anderson cheers for his team, Columbia College, as they pull ahead in their first game in 35 years. #baseball #columbiacollege #columbia

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Address: 550 Blue's Lake Parkway
Rolla, MO 65401

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Phone: (573) 341-3350
Fax: (573) 364-7694

Office hours:
Mon.-Thurs.: 9:00am-6:00pm
Fri.: 9:00am-5:00pm

Student services

  • Career services

    The staff at the Grossnickle Career Services Center can help you make the most of your degree and career. They'll help you write a great resumé, perfect your interview skills and find a job. These services are free for life.

  • Local advising

    Whether you're starting a degree for the first time or transferring from another institution, your academic advisor will help you map out your degree courses to get you to graduation as efficiently as possible.

  • Military services

    The expert staff in the Ousley Family Veterans Service Center can help you access and manage your GI Bill benefits, and connect you with a range of support services to help you succeed at Columbia College.

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