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Yes, you can... afford a private education

If you examine tuition at other private and state schools, you'll find Columbia College-Guantanamo Bay offers an affordable private education at a cost comparable to a public university.

Undergraduate tuition and fees
Guantanamo Bay Tuition (per credit hour)
Online Campus tuition (per credit hour)
*For military students, the undergraduate course tuition rate is $250 per credit hour.
Graduation processing fee (DEC)
Graduate Tuition and Fees
Guantanamo Bay Tuition (per credit hour)
Online Campus tuition (per credit hour)
Graduation Processing Fee (DEC)
Other Fees (as applicable)
Audit fee (per credit hour) $90
Diploma reorder fee
Transcript fee (per transcript)
Challenge examination fee (per examination)
Testing fee/standardized tests
Lab fees
Vary depending
on course
and campus
Late payment fee
Returned check fee

For more information, consult the Nationwide Campuses Undergraduate Catalog or contact the Columbia CollegeGuantanamo Bay office at or 786-438-1489.

Half the cost details

Tuition for Columbia College online undergraduate courses is $305 per credit hour for the 2017-2018 academic year. Based on a completion of 30 credit hours in an academic year, the annual cost would be $9,150. This is about half the cost or less than the national average private nonprofit and for-profit tuition and fees rate. National average tuition and fees for public, private nonprofit and for-profit colleges and universities is published in the CollegeBoard Trends in College Pricing 2017 report.


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