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About Columbia College-Fort Sill

Columbia College-Fort Sill was established in 2007. The venue offers high-tech classrooms, qualified academic advisors and faculty and high-speed, online access to library resources and free parking.

The venue provides a unique educational opportunity to working adults through its degree offerings and eight-week course format. With a national network and a robust online program, the college offers convenient courses to civilians and military learners.

Students take a mix of in-seat and online classes.

Columbia College-Fort Sill has an agreement with Central Texas College, also located at Fort Sill. This provides students a seamless transition from an associate degree through a bachelor’s degree at Columbia College.

Location history

Columbia College-Fort Sill was established in 2007 to meet the needs of the personnel at one of the Army's largest installations. The venue also serves the civilian population in one of the state's most thriving and fastest growing cities.

Community information

We know there's more to life than studying. When you're ready to take a break from the books, you'll find plenty of recreational, cultural and sports opportunities.

Fort Sill is designated as a national historic landmark and is home to the U.S. Army Field Artillery and the Field Artillery Training Center. Fort Sill is at the forefront of tremendous technological advances and is steeped in natural, living history.

The School of Fire for the Field Artillery was founded at Fort Sill in 1911 and continues to operate today as the world renowned U.S. Army Field Artillery School. Fort Sill's mission is to train artillery soldiers, taking a three-pronged approach to training.


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