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Meet Our Students Across the Nation

Rex Scism '05 – Missouri

Graduate student at Columbia College

As part of the Missouri State Highway Patrol criminal interdiction unit, Rex Scism (pronounced Siz-um) had many successes.

One such success came when he stopped a Ford pickup on the highway and questioned the construction workers inside. After realizing their story didn't add up, Scism searched the truck and didn't find anything until he broke one of the concrete blocks they were carrying — which were concealing cocaine.

“It did not make sense to haul concrete blocks from the southwest that could be found here in Missouri, so one thing led to another in terms of my suspicion," he says.

Though his achievements were plenty, Scism knew he could achieve more with an MSCJ. “The graduate program assisted me in a number of ways," he says. “I feel I am a better staff officer with the highway patrol management position I currently occupy. Through my private company, the master's degree makes me more competitive for large government contracts and other initiatives from which we benefit." Scism is also an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College.

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