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Tuition and Fees

Yes, you can...afford a private education

If you examine tuition at other private and state schools, you'll find Columbia College-San Luis Obispo offers an affordable private education at a cost comparable to a public university.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
San Luis Obispo Tuition (per credit hour) $260.00
Online Campus Tuition (per credit hour) $290.00
*For military students, the undergraduate online course tuition rate is $250 per credit hour.
Admission Fee (non-refundable) $35.00
Graduation Processing Fee (DEC) $75.00
Graduate Tuition and Fees
Online Campus Tuition (per credit hour, MBA, MSCJ and MAMS) $395.00
Online Campus Tuition (per credit hour, MAT only) $395.00
Admission Fee (non-refundable) $55.00
Graduation Processing Fee (DEC) $120.00
Other Fees (as applicable)
Audit Fee (per credit hour) $90.00
Diploma Reorder Fee $10.00
Transcript Fee (per transcript) $10.00
Challenge Examination Fee (per examination) $300.00
Testing Fee/Standardized Tests $20.00
Lab Fees Vary depending on course and campus
Deferred Payment Plan Fee $35
Returned Check Fee $25.00

For more information, consult the Nationwide Campuses Undergraduate Catalog or contact the Columbia College-San Luis Obispo office at or (805) 593-0237.