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Register for Classes

We encourage you to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration for assistance in class selection. To make an appointment with an advisor, call us at (801) 281-6677 or email us at

Register for courses online

eRegistration Register for classes by clicking on the CougarTrack link at the top of this page. Once you have logged into CougarTrack, you should choose one of the Registration links listed under the Academics heading.

  • Choose "Express Registration" if you know the exact section(s) you wish to take;
  • Choose "Search and Register for Sections" if you wish to choose from a list of available courses.
  • Choose "Assisted Registration" if due to exception, you are unable to use one of the above links.

Students who have full financial aid or make personal payments are eligible to use this eRegistration. If you do not have full financial aid, please be prepared to make a payment and/or set up a payment plan.

eRegistration Frequently Asked Questions

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