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Certificate of Professional Officiating

Columbia College has partnered with Major League Baseball and the United States Marine Corps to offer a Certificate of Professional Officiating. Students desiring a professional foundation for sports officiating may choose a Certificate in Professional Officiating. The non-transcripted certificate will provide evidence that the student has completed a sequence of courses that offers a background in skills vital to officiating -- interpersonal communications and human relations -- and a capstone course that builds skills specific to successfully officiating a particular sport.


Degree Requirements

A. Core Requirements (grade of C or higher required) 12 hrs
COMM 203View Syllabus Understanding Human Communication 3 hrs
PHED 399Syllabus Not Available Internship in Sports Officiating* 3 hrs
PSYC 260View Syllabus Introduction to Applied Psychology 3 hrs
SOCI 430Syllabus Not Available The Sociology of Sport 3 hrs
B. Electives (two courses; grade of C or higher required) 6 hrs
COMM 303View Syllabus Intercultural Communication 3 hrs
HUMS 250View Syllabus Working with Individuals 3 hrs
HUMS 335View Syllabus Working with Groups 3 hrs
MKTG 332View Syllabus Public Relations 3 hrs
MKTG 480View Syllabus Sports and Events Marketing 3 hrs
PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics 3 hrs
EDUC /PSYC392Syllabus Not Available Adolescent Psychology 3 hrs
SOCI 270View Syllabus Minority Cultures and Relations 3 hrs
C. Total 18 hrs


The Certificate of Professional Officiating degree is available at the following locations:

Main Campus, Day Program