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Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

All forms can be faxed to (573) 364-7694 or hand-delivered to the campus office. For more in-depth information about adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses, see the catalog or call our office at (800) 303-0038.

Adding a course

Students who wish to add a course must complete and submit the appropriate form(s) below during the first week of a session.

Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal formPDF document

Dropping a course

Students may drop courses during the regular drop period (which normally ends on the first business day of the second week of classes) for any reason. No punitive grade or financial liability will be issued as long as the appropriate form is received by the office prior to the last day of the drop period.

Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal formPDF document

Withdrawing from a course

Course withdrawal (weeks 2-6): Students may withdraw from course(s) between the end of the drop period and Friday of the sixth week of classes. The student will still be financially liable for the course and will receive a grade of W (Withdraw). When a student stops attending class but does not submit the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form by the end of the withdrawal period, he/she may receive a grade of "F". Students who receive federal financial aid should see details on how withdrawing from a course affects their aid.

See the catalog for more course withdrawal details, such as how to request a Withdraw Excused, or when wishing to withdraw after week six.

Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal formPDF document