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No fees. No book costs. No surprises.

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Coming Fall 2018.

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Talk to your academic advisor before making changes

We want you to focus on your studies, so we’ve simplified some of the other parts of being a student. If you have questions about these changes, start with these FAQs.

Before you make decisions that alter your academic plan, such as changing your attendance or dropping a class, be sure to talk to your academic advisor and review these student financial aid scenarios. It is important to understand the impact your choices will have on your financial aid and possible payments owed. 

Contact your academic advisor

Here's what's new:

Receive your financial aid for the whole semester at once, where applicable

Instead of receiving financial aid each class session, you’ll be able to receive the whole semester’s worth of aid as soon as it becomes available. Now, you can budget your living expenses by the semester, too. That includes book voucher allocation, so if you’re attending both sessions in a semester, be sure to save some of your refund money you receive at the beginning of the semester for books during the late session. Review these FAQs to learn more about the changes to refund disbursement.

Plan and register for classes using Student Planner

We’ve made it easier to register for classes online. Using the new Student Planner tool in CougarTrack, you can map out your entire degree, request a review of your plan by your advisor and register for classes, all in one place.

Simplify your billing and payment plans by semester, not by session

Student meeting with an advisor

Although we offer six sessions of classes each year, we listened when students said it was difficult to handle payments and billing six separate times. So, we simplified it.

Now you can manage billing and payment by Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. That means you’ll be billed and make payments for two class sessions at a time, which is the equivalent of one semester.

No upfront fees with payment plans

You can make payments on a three installments payment plan or a two installments payment plan. There is no upfront fee for choosing either of these plans. If you miss a payment date, you will be charged a $29 late fee.

Three installments payment plan

If you are not fully funded by financial aid and you don’t want to pay your entire balance at the time your register, you can choose to pay for a semester (both fall sessions) on a three installments payment plan. This plan is available up until the last day to drop classes in the early session. You’ll pay 33 percent of your semester fees at the time of registration with two remaining payments on the following dates:

  • Fall

    September 30 and October 31

  • Spring

    January 31 and February 28

  • Summer

    May 31 and June 30

Two installments payment plans

This plan is available the day after the last day to drop for the early session (typically Tuesday of the 2nd week). It is for students who do not have a balance in the current semester. You will pay 50 percent of your tuition at the time of registration and the other 50 percent on one of the following dates:

  • Fall

    November 15

  • Spring

    March 31

  • Summer

    July 15


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