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No fees. No book costs. No surprises. That's Truition®.

Columbia College is excited to announce Truition®, a commitment to continue offering you the same quality education while paying no fees and receiving your books at no cost!

Beginning in the Fall 2018 semester, new students will pay $375 per credit hour. As a current undergraduate or graduate student, you will pay significantly less, while receiving the same great benefits:

  • Online classes: $335 per credit hour
  • In-seat classes at a Columbia College nationwide venue: $295 per credit hour
  • Military undergraduate students: $250 per credit hour*
  • Online graduate classes: $435 per credit hour
  • In-seat graduate classes: $410 per credit hour
  • Military online and in-seat graduate classes: $325 per credit hour

Current student definition:

Current students are those who completed at least one course between Early Fall 2017 and Late Summer 2018. Current undergraduate students who later transition to the Graduate program will be considered a new graduate student.

We’re eliminating book costs

Not only will book costs be covered, but all other required materials such as lab kits and access codes will be included. You will no longer have to spend time trying to find the cheapest book or worrying about budgeting for very expensive books.

A few of the upcoming changes include:

  • Most courses will use eText books.
  • Ed Map will be replacing MBS as the official Columbia College book provider for evening, nationwide and online. Barnes & Noble will remain on campus and continue to service only Day students.
  • You will be able to access your books via the VitalSource eReader app on a wide variety of platforms.
  • Students can opt-out of receiving books at no cost.

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact your academic advisor.

Frequently asked questions

What is TruitionSM?

Colleges are notorious for adding extra fees in addition to tuition, making it difficult to gauge the true costs of college. Columbia College has eliminated all fees for adult students with an exciting new plan we call Truition®. Students just pay an affordable tuition rate. There are no fees and no book costs.

How do I know if TruitionSM applies to me?

Truition® is for all students enrolled in online classes, evening classes and classes at any of our nationwide venues.

What fees does TruitionSM cover?

We eliminated all fees. No application fee, no technology fee, no proctoring fee, no graduation fee… we challenge you to find another college who can say that. No book cost. No surprises.

I'm already enrolled at Columbia College and I have completed one or more courses between August 28, 2017 and August 18, 2018. What will my tuition rate be as of fall 2018?

Undergraduate rates per credit hour
Current students taking classes in-seat at one of our AHE nationwide venues $295
Current students taking online classes $335
Active duty military students $250
Graduate rates per credit hour
Current students taking classes in-seat at one of our AHE nationwide venues $410
Current students taking online classes $435
Current active duty military students — in-seat $325
Current active duty military students — online $325

What about third-party charges?

In a handful of scenarios, students may pay third parties for various services. For instance, third-party providers such as Parchment (transcript printing) and CLEP/DSST (outside testing services for academic credit) will continue to charge for their services. There will be no charge for students who have a Columbia College exam proctored by ProctorU.

Sounds like a fee?

These are not costs Columbia College controls, as we are not directly involved in these transactions and we receive no financial benefit from them. If you pay a highway toll on the way to class, that’s also a fee of sorts, but it’s not a fee we charge for College.

Why provide textbooks?

We know it can be difficult to budget for expensive textbooks. With Truition®, you will have the correct book on the first day of class.

What's so great about eTexts?

There are a number of benefits to using eTexts including:

  • They provide a higher level of interaction with your instructor, who can provide study tips, highlight important materials within the text, and add personal notes to key sections.
  • Your eTexts offer a read-aloud feature, so you can listen to your books when you commute or even when you work out.
  • The dynamic search function makes finding specific information in your books simple and quick.
  • You can easily highlight and add notes to texts.
  • You can download and access books anytime — even on mobile devices.
  • Books can be downloaded from VitalSource Technologies for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Chromebook. Visit VitalSource Bookshelf Download Page, or download the app from Apple Apps or Google Play.

When will I have access to my eTexts?

eTexts will usually be available several days before classes start, but no later than the first day of class.

Can I get a paper copy of my textbook?

If you would like a loose-leaf paper copy of your textbook, you can purchase it from the VitalSource Bookshelf app for eligible textbooks after the enrollment Add/Drop period for the session has closed.

Sounds like a fee?

Printing a book is entirely up to you and most students do not do this.

Will all of my books be eTexts?

Most but not all. In some cases, a book may not be available in electronic format. In these instances, a physical book will be provided.

What about other expenses like lab kits for biology class?

Materials like this are included and we will ship them to you.

Are calculators included in the tuition rate?

Columbia College does not pay for calculators.

What if I don't want Columbia College to provide my books?

If for any reason you don't want your books provided, you have the right to opt out. You will need to opt out before you register for classes for the semester. Please speak with your advisor before opting out.

Okay, what's the catch?

There is no catch. Columbia College has been a not-for-profit provider of higher education since 1851. It's our mission to improve lives by making college affordable for all. This is why we exist.



I'm a student taking classes during the day on campus in Columbia, Missouri. Am I eligible for TruitionSM?

While our students taking classes during the day on campus in Columbia, Missouri are not eligible for Truition®, they enjoy a number of exclusive benefits including:

  • Opportunity to apply for scholarships, which during the 2016-2017 academic year amounted to $12 million.
  • Ability to benefit from institutional needs-based grants.
  • Fixed-rate tuition, which means the tuition in place when you enroll the first time, is the same rate you pay for up to five consecutive academic years.
  • Free access to the fitness center, athletic facilities, the library and the game hut, plus many other amenities.

I am a Nursing student at Columbia College (ASN). What will my tuition rate be as of fall 2018?

For your non-Nursing curriculum, your tuition rate will be based on whether you are a current student or an incoming student, and dependent upon whether you are taking courses in-seat or online. Once accepted into the associate in science in nursing program, your nursing curriculum courses will remain at the Nursing rate of $390 per credit hour. We encourage you to speak to your advisor or our Enrollment Service Center if you have any questions.

Please note that charges still apply for third-party services like transcripts, tests (CLEP/DSST), late payment fines etc.

Truition® prices are established exclusively for undergraduate and graduate students taking classes online or at one of our adult higher education venues across the nation. Other exclusive programs are in place for students taking classes at our residential campus in Columbia, Missouri.

*Tuition price of $250 per credit hour is for service members currently serving in the military: active duty, guard, reserve and AGR . Columbia College provides a military grant to cover the cost of books.


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