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Comprehensive Evaluation Visit

The Comprehensive Evaluation Visit will takes place in Year 10 of the Open Pathway Cycle and includes a comprehensive Evaluation (on-site visit), an Assurance Review, and Federal Compliance Filing. During the Comprehensive Evaluation Visit, a team of peer reviewers will determine whether Columbia College continues to meet the Criteria for Accreditation by analyzing the college’s Assurance Filing. The Comprehensive Evaluation Visit may also consist of a multi-campus review, if applicable. Columbia College’s next Comprehensive Evaluation Visit is scheduled for 2022-2023.

Federal Compliance Requirements

Columbia College must comply with the expectations of specific regulations accreditors must enforce. The college must submit a Federal Compliance Filing before the Comprehensive Evaluation Visit. Information covered under the Federal Compliance Filing consist of the following areas:

  • Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition;
  • Institutional Records of Student Complaints;
  • Publication of Transfer Policies;
  • Practices for Verification of Student Identity;
  • Title IV Program Responsibilities;
  • Required Information for Students and the Public;
  • Advertising and Recruitment Materials and Other Public Information;
  • Review of Student Outcome Data;
  • Standing with State and Other Accrediting Agencies;
  • Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC). "Commission Policies Affecting Institutional Affiliation." Higher Learning Commission Policies. 1 June 2015. Web. 23 Sept. 2015.


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