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Reaffirmation of Accreditation Committees

Steering Committee

Columbia College’s HLC reaffirmation of accreditation efforts are coordinated by a Steering Committee, which is comprised of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Institutional Compliance (Chair), Director of Institutional Research (staff to the Steering Committee), Assistant Director of Institutional Compliance (staff to the Steering Committee), and Criterion Committee Co-chairs.

Criterion Committee

The Criterion Committee evaluates the Criteria for Accreditation and writes the argument for the assigned criterion demonstrate the college meets all areas. Each Criterion Committee is comprised of two co-chairs, one faculty member, two staff members, one student, and one board member.

I. Mission

Co-chairs: Dr. Kent Strodtman, Kevin Palmer
Faculty: Dr. Melinda McPherson
Staff: Suzanne Rothwell, Ashley Gosseen
Student: Abigail O'Brien
Board: Janet Wright

II. Integrity

Co-chairs: Dr. Amy Darnell, Patty Fischer
Faculty: Dr. Ahoo Tabatabai
Staff: Dr. Eric Cunningham, Bob Burchard
Student: Ethan Veit
Board: Brad Stagg

III. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

Co-chairs: Dr. Suzanne Tourville, Dr. Jeff Musgrove
Faculty: Danielle Langdon
Staff: Dr. Piyusha Singh, Dr. David Starrett
Student: Samantha Flowers
Board: Bill Johnson

IV. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Co-chairs: Tom Stauder, Faye Burchard
Faculty: Dr. Curtis Mason
Staff: Dr. Cynthia Louden, Dr. Nathan Miller
Student: Jade John
Board: Jolene Schulz

V. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Co-chairs: Dr. Brad Lookingbill, Cliff Jarvis
Faculty: Faye Fairchild
Staff: Gary Stanowski, Bruce Boyer
Student: Cameron Dubbert
Board: Jerry Daugherty

Documentation Committee

The Documentation Committee organizes evidence and creates the virtual resource room. This committee is comprised of the Director of Institutional Compliance, Director of Institutional Research, Assistant Director of Institutional Compliance, and Assistant Director of Institutional Research.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will plan and prepare for the comprehensive evaluation visit. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Institutional Compliance, Special Assistant to the Provost for Academic Affairs, and Assistant Director of Institutional Compliance.


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