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Columbia College "Green Quiz"

Take our “GREEN” quiz!

How many can you answer correctly?

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  1. Does Columbia College have a degree in environmental science?


  2. Does Columbia College have a faculty, staff, and student committee focused on sustainability issues?


  3. Is Columbia College replacing incandescent lights with more efficient fluorescent lights?


  4. Does 70 pounds, or 13 gallons of food get wasted during an average meal at Dulany?


  5. Does Columbia College use ground-source water heating - at a savings of around 15%?


  6. Does Columbia College have a recycling program - with bins placed all over campus?


  7. Does the student group ECO (Environment Conscious Organization) plan stream cleans, film nights, and sustainability potlucks throughout the school year?


  8. Is Columbia College seeking LEED certification for the Missouri Hall renovation? LEED certification oversees environmentally sustainable construction (i.e; site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality).


  9. Are there concerned faculty and staff at Columbia College who are trying to a make difference in their own lives by walking and riding bikes to school?


  10. Can you make a difference at Columbia College in terms of sustainability?



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