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Course schedules

All syllabi will be posted approximately four weeks prior to the start of the session and are considered drafts. Official syllabi will be provided upon the start of class.

Effective Fall 2018: As part of Truition®, Columbia College will provide the books required for your courses. Optional and recommended materials are not provided, but are available for purchase. Consult your course syllabus for more information.

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Schedule of Main Campus (Columbia, MO) graduate courses for Spring Semester 2020 (term 20SPRGS)

From Monday, January 11, 2021 to Saturday, May 1, 2021

Last updated on 3/8/2021 10:05:02 PM. *For real-time information please sign into Self Service Course Catalog to search for classes.
Check your local office for registration dates.

Syllabi listed (where applicable) are course-specific.

Course Course Title View Credits Open Seats Instructor Day Time Room
Course Type: In-seatIn-seat (see legend below) Web-enhancedWeb-enhanced (see legend below) Course #: EDUC 698 MCGA Title: GRADUATE STUDENT TEACHING View: Syllabus unavailable! Credits: 9.00 Open Seats: 13 Instructor: Sandra Hamar  Day:  N/A Time: N/A Room: ARR ARR
Cross-Listed Course Cross-listed course: Multiple departments offer the same course.
In-seat In-seat: The course meets face-to-face on a regular schedule.
Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom: The course meets online at specific times. Students join the course sessions online.
On-site Virtual Classroom On-site Virtual Classroom: The course meets in a classroom that is connected online to another classroom. Instruction is provided to both classrooms by a single instructor.
Hybrid Hybrid: The course is a mix of in-person meetings and online instructional activities.
Web-enhanced Web-enhanced: The course meets (in-seat or virtual depending on the course) on a regular schedule and is supplemented with online instructional activities.
ARR - To be Arranged
TBA - To be announced


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