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Letters of recommendation

Graduate programs at Columbia College require applicants to provide three letters of recommendation. Recommendations are submitted through the online graduate application.

While completing the online application, an applicant must input the names and contact information for each of the three recommenders. Recommendation forms are then emailed to the recommenders through the online application system. The application may be submitted before the recommenders have completed the recommendations.

Recommenders may be modified prior to the completion of an application packet. To change a recommender, an applicant must submit a new recommender, with contact information, to Once submitted, information on the application can only be changed by contacting the College.

The recommenders should be able to attest to the applicant's ability to successfully perform graduate coursework and research.

The skills assessed within the recommendation form are:

  • Verbal communication
  • Abstract conception analysis
  • Appreciation of diverse views
  • Creative thinking
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to work in groups
  • Decision-making
  • Written communication
  • Objectivity
  • Critical thinking
  • Receptivity to feedback
  • Commitment
  • Application of knowledge
  • Problem-solving

Recommendations provided through the Columbia College graduate application are for the use of graduate admissions only. The recommendations will not be provided to the applicant/student. Once matriculated, requests to view a student record may be directed to the Office of Student Records and Transcripts.


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