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Master of Arts in Military Studies Degree

Please note: This program is no longer accepting new students.

The Master of Arts in Military Studies at Columbia College is a graduate degree program that provides a liberal arts education with a practical flair. It emphasizes the study of military affairs from the perspectives of traditional disciplines such as history, philosophy, and political science. It accentuates instruction on military leadership and biography, military organizations and civilian relations, peacekeeping, geopolitics, historiography, and applicable methodologies of the liberal arts.

The Military Studies (MAMS) courses constitute a set of learning experiences that best suit the professional aspirations and academic interests of the individual. They are designed primarily to facilitate career advancement for personnel in the U.S. armed services. The learning process culminates with the completion of a thesis in an area of concentration approved in electronic consultation with a faculty board. The breadth in the disciplinary coverage ensures that prospective graduate students will study the broad scope of military affairs.

Disclaimer: Degree requirements and the availability of business majors varies by nationwide campus.


Degree Requirements

A. Required Graduate Foundation Courses 12 sem. hrs
MAMS 501View Syllabus Introduction to Military Studies 3 hrs
MAMS 502View Syllabus Great Leaders in U.S. Military History 3 hrs
MAMS 503View Syllabus Just War Philosophy 3 hrs
MAMS 504View Syllabus National Defense Policy 3 hrs
B. Checkpoint Experience 3 sem. hrs
MAMS 510View Syllabus Military Studies Research 3 hrs
C. Graduate Electives (choose among the available options) 18 sem. hrs
MAMS 521View Syllabus The Military Family 3 hrs
MAMS 531View Syllabus Resiliency for the Military Profession 3 hrs
MAMS 541View Syllabus Diversity in the American Military 3 hrs
MAMS 551View Syllabus The Problem of Genocide 3 hrs
MAMS 561View Syllabus Strategies of the Cold War 3 hrs
MAMS 571View Syllabus The Military and the Media 3 hrs
MAMS 581View Syllabus Economics of War and Defense 3 hrs
MAMS 520View Syllabus The American Way of War 3 hrs
D. Culminating Experience 3 sem. hrs
MAMS 600View Syllabus Military Studies Thesis (Capstone Course) 3 hrs
TOTA LSyllabus Not Available 36 sem hrs

* Applicants who have not completed the required prerequisite course at the time of applying to the MAMS, but fulfill all other admission standards, can be considered for Post-Baccalaureate admission. If admitted under this status, the prerequisite course must be successfully completed with a grade of B or higher prior to enrollment in graduate coursework. Once completed, students are eligible for graduate course enrollment. This course, or its equivalent, is HIST 370.


The Master of Arts in Military Studies degree is available at the following locations:


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