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About Lia

Lia Willis, MSW, LCSW, is an instructor in the Human Services program, which is in the Criminal Justice Administration/Human Services Department. She has been at Columbia College since 2001, first working as an adjunct instructor and presently employed with the college full-time.

Lia is currently working on her dissertation to receive her doctorate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Willis,L., Demiris, G., & Parker-Oliver, D. Internet Use by Hospice Families and Providers: A Systematic Review. Journal of Medical Systems (In Press). 
Willis, L., Peck, M., Sells, S., & Rodabaugh, K. (2001). Custody planning: A
 Retrospective review of oncology patients who were single parents. Journal of  Pain and Symptom Management, 21, 5, 380-384.

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HUMS 105 Introduction to human services (online): Introduction to the profession, practice and career options of Human Services.

HUMS 340 working with families (online): Examination of family function and assessment using the major models, theories and perspectives of family and family therapy. Students learn how to apply those theories and perspectives to assess families in conjunction with other assessment tools such as ecomaps and genograms. Prerequisite: HUMS 105 or instructor’s permission.

HUMS 495 Senior Seminar: Required as a culminating experience prior to graduation. Capstone course integrating prior learning while exploring current research, contemporary issues, and practice theories in Human Services. Grade of C or better is required. Writing intensive. Emphasis is on creating expertise within an area of interest pertinent to the career and academic goals of the student. Prerequisites: Human Services major, senior standing, and at least 24 hours in the major.

HUMS 250 working with individuals: Theories and methods for working with individuals.

HUMS 375 disabilities: Examination of issues faced by persons with disabilities and the social injustice which they have historically experienced. Different theories or approaches used to understand the situation of persons with disabilities will be examined. Particular issues and areas of need experienced by individuals having different types of disabilities (mobility, sensory, cognitive, etc.) are explored. It considers the consequences and dynamics of systemic barriers that threaten, compromise or exclude the participation of persons with disabilities in social, economic and political processes. Various perspectives on equality are explored from the point of view of their impact upon this vulnerable population. Prerequisite: HUMS 105 or instructor’s permission.

HUMS 390 child welfare: This course begins with an historical overview of child welfare services in American society, establishes a framework for both policy and practice, and examines current trends in the field of child welfare. Special emphasis is placed on evaluating the needs of high risk populations of children/youth and families. Prerequisite: HUMS 105 or instructor’s permission.


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